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  1. MozillaFox

    Seems like i got banned

    If you're able to, you could try to connect to another server using your VPN. Otherwise, you may be able to contact one of the mods through the Discord channel. Honestly, I am not sure whether this is the right place to ask this question. I'm only here because I noticed your post and had a sudden, similar issue. I've got a feeling that it is a technical problem, as I am pretty sure that I did nothing against the rules in my case and the problem only occurred as I tried to log on the other day. Would seem odd to me to ban people while they're offline without any warning or details as of why they're banned. I noticed that the anticheat system was updated some days ago, so maybe it has to do with that? Anyways, if you don't get any response or workable solution on here, I think your best bet is directly contacting a mod or admin. I'm probably going to do so as well, as I don't always want to rely on my VPN connection to play the game. EDIT: Just posted a message on the Discord channel and it seems that more people are experiencing this problem. From what I was told, the mods are already aware of the problem and currently looking further into it. I guess the best you can do is let them know you were affected too and wait it out.
  2. MozillaFox

    Seems like i got banned

    I had the same problem today, even though I have been playing for months and never had the issue. Apparently the host server I was connected to from my internet provider had changed and the IP connected to it was banned (idk why, as far as I know this has nothing to do with me). Solved the problem by using a VPN, so maybe you could give that a try.

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