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  1. Updated the post and added a streaming time, feel free to join everyone.
  2. Hello again Skylords, Skyladies and other Skybeings. You were waiting for this, the moment we will reveal who made it into which price class. Drumroll.... Expert Category: Xamos Donaar Slyer KserSke DraginMaster Pritstift Kapo undead4ever Vornskr arabikaa Novice Category: GevatterTODdy, Ultralord metagross31 DutchyDutchy Wanky LEBOVIM letho Blashyrkh bubixxl Keep in mind, that this is not the reveal of the winners. The placement of every
  3. Hey T1421, Sorry for answering so late. I am glad you like the challenge, feel free to give us any feedback you like. Yes, the Stranglehold purple does include in this. We are aware, that some towers, that still fall under the "does damage" category, without having the damage number exist, but didnt wanted to write an exception list and therefore kept it wide spread. You will still get those lovely 200 points, as long as the tower deals damage. Hey Homerun, This tower only needs to be completely constructed, for the challenge to be achieved.
  4. Hey Antwood, As Volin already answered, yes every creep that spawns from the final camp belongs to it. This also counts for the bugs, that aren't anymore in that camp.
  5. I'm sad that I can not participate, but I wish everyone who is a lot of fun and you toggy a very nice stream.
  6. Hey Toddy, I already answered this. I should have quoted the questions for more clarity. You can do it, whenever you want.
  7. Hey Xamos, I am sorry for the late reply. We already added this to the post itself, after some discussion we agrees that this needed clarification and then you asked the same question so we also pulled it through. On this map it is possible to have the same fastest time,as the map has a soft cap(spawning of the boss) BUT with all restrictions I think it is impossible to have the most points AND the fastest time twice, as the fastest time is caused by using the necrofury to one shot the boss in the second he spawns.. And the challenge restricts the boss from
  8. If I am gonna be honest with you, it is very very unlikely that someone will have the same time and points
  9. Hello Alishmass, Thank you for your questions and concerns. This challenge is not inteded to be locked by a time limit, you can choose for yourself when to build these towers. You can do it, before the map ends(but then be careful, as it needs to be constructed before the victory screen) and you can also do it directly in the beginning of the game. We thought about allowing the pure nations, to use their special cards but then this would also include the necrofury of shadow, the only nation that isnt blocked by this is frost.. that is because they dont r
  10. Hey Xamos, We also thought about, what if there is a tie? We came to the conclusion, that we will in that case watch, who cleared the map faster and if that also ties we have no other choice as to filter who sended their replay first.
  11. For the first event we wanted to keep it simple and fun at the same time, we expected we can't please everyone and never will, but I am positive we will bring you someday an event that will include your feedback. Thank you very much for your feedback. The more feedback I get, the better events can become in the future.
  12. Oh, then I must have misunderstood it. I am sorry for that. Yes, we tried to set the focus on the run itself and not about how fast it needs to be. I hope we managed to achieve this and that many are pleased. I never worried about that, I am happy to see your entry then!
  13. Hey pritstift, Thank you for your comment, this may count for you, but there is no need to discourage others. Everyone has other skill levels so everything can seem harder or way easier than for you. Share your knowledge with others, make this community a better place 🤗 Hey Wanky, I know, that this challenge is frustrating for the top speed runners of the community, but keep in mind that the community is also bigger than the top speedrunner so there is no reason to discourage other players. Not everyone is as experienced as you guys 🤗 We will try to
  14. Hello Skylords, Skyladies and other Skybeings. It has been a long time, but we are finally about to start the first official PvE event since release. We hope you will have a lot of fun with this event! What will the event be? PvE - Siege of Hope - Expert Challenge with a point system. When will it start? We will accept entries starting from 25.05.2021 00:00 CEST. The event will run for 3 weeks, you have time until mid June. To be specific: 15.06.2021 23:59 CEST. You can send your replays through DM to me in Discord (Minashigo Hiko#1126) or through a PM to me
  15. I did stream BaFo when I played it! And now I play it again
  16. Errors like this often can be caused by a System never being turned off, closing the laptop isnt shutting it down. Try restarting it and see if the problem still persists(Over all I would highly recommend to freuquently shut your systems down. really helps a lot when you want to extend the life time of your system) Battleforge is a game that runs on a very old engine, so this might cause it. Just deactivate your anti virus and play Skylords like you are used to and see if it still crashes. With most anti virus you can add a game or folder to the exception list, so it doesnt get block
  17. Hey all, I am not really the best streamer there is as my schedule most of the time depends on my randomness that I name time and also how much I want to stream. But there you go!:
  18. I agree, as a Mounty abuser myself, that this mountaineer patch is maybe too hard of a hit. But I wouldnt agree to your statement, that this patch makes it comfortable to 10-20 main stream by the book players as mountaineer itself was just a too toxic card who won many matchups by just existing. They basically removed that every game looks the same and I hope they will soon look over to stonekin. I understand that you and other players may not agree to this patch, but you cant patch everything for everyone. There are always, in every game, players who think that because their un
  19. Dumb question have you tried to reinstall the game? Have you restarted your Computer/Laptop between the disconects? (there are people who dont turn their pc/laptop off, thats why im asking) Have you tried deactivating your anti virus or set up an exception for BaFo?
  20. You will get it someday haha. I will probably not manage that. Saturday is a bad day overall for me.. So not this time sorry! Thank you! Me too haha, gonna bug you alot for announcements
  21. Hey Dallarian, happy to answer My most favourite faction is fire but I play frost in pvp I like PvP more, because I am a tryhard player (coming from League and co.) but I love PvE the same. I probably like PvP more, because I never played it back in the days and therefore I never experienced it. Forest Elder is hella cute. I am living in Germany. Now you answer!!
  22. Are you still missing boosters good sir? Gonna see what I can do.
  23. Hey all, I hope we are gonna have a great time and some awesome events! My role will be to help you guys with events and also organize official events for the community. In the next weeks you will receive the first announcement for my first event. If you have any event ideas, interest in assisting with organizing etc. Don't be afraid to just hit me up.
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