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  1. well from what you and treim are saying, it is obviously going to be the videos I think i should stop, and just wait for the game to come online and make a new thread with replays better, playing all possible factions, trying stuff here and there and listening to ur comments and ideas, and see if someone can need any help I mean there is already a walkthrough on wikia, and this is one is just talking a lot of time, i should have thought twice about it, than just posting any thing. Anyway, i am sorry that i wasted ur time while u try to help me, and i learned a lot about how to make a document
  2. I just left you 30 minutes, and made like 6 posts its like a chatting. first of all what is a fraction or do you mean faction second, For me I love campaign in any game, especially strategic ones, i can play the story line over and over again without feeling bored or that i wasted my time, i do that in every game. So, yes i can play all 7 factions in each map, would be my pleasure actually thirdly, as u said i can't make a video replay to show trick or to show any useful or fast ways to do a part of the map, cuz the game is offline, and i can't just make a blank video and talk to people li
  3. Wow, that's a long feedback, I actually laughed at myself at some parts, like (that guy that erupts when he dies) I will go through each paragraph by number. OK i just love that font, so i wanted to put some here and there, but as u like i will change all to times new roman to make it more clear.I actually don't get this part quite well, I mean do you u want to play the missions with these decks when it comes online. I was actually thinking about that, but if that's not your point please explain. I will hyperlink the videos as @Treim said, I am already doing that in my third guide and once
  4. The decks thingy, as u said i have no access to allbfcards, I am using power point to present the cards as pictures which i downloaded from internet, and then i re-size them to be small, and i copy the presentation to the document, so it takes a lot of time, and is exhausting. I will try to make them 3 decks not just 2, i wanted to do more but then i would go like crazy or sth . And nice with the hyperlink option, i will do it in my third guide and if it's good i will update the 2 guides already made. I will edit the document Thank you for the feedback
  5. Siege of hope is done, and can be downloaded from the first post
  6. Thank you so much for the feedback, I am already working on the next map, i will try my best to use all ur advises and maybe by time i will be better, it's just my first time to do such a big thing, all I thought about was to help in anyway possible cuz i love the game. I am going to upload the next mission, and gonna wait your review along with the rest amazing people here, to see if i am improving or not . Thank you again, I really appreciate it.
  7. Ya i got it, but its kinda hard to remember it all l since i can't play the game now. But i will do the best I can, or at least to say if there bid, and strong monsters to come like twilight hulks, abomination, hags, treefiend, etc. Thanks for explaining
  8. Thank you for ur positive thoughts, I really appreciate it. You too have an amazing guide or rPVE, to be honest ur guide inspired me to do the missions guide. I have the noted the font problem, but can u explain more about this part (i would recommend to add what units are in certain camps and make it overall a little bit more detailed.) cuz i don't really know if i got it right, ( Do u mean i should say the kind of attacks at first, and the enemies players would find in the base at the beginning of every part ) if not I would be happy to listen cuz its my first time to make a guide actually
  9. in the beginning of the guide i wrote some instructions, to help in the guide, in it you will find that i wrote the purple circle in the picture are spawn bases. I will try as best as i can to make it easier to read and better to understand,
  10. I updated the file, and used another font for the text i think its much better now However i don't understand what you mean by higher level, this is the first 1 player scenario mission in the whole game...
  11. Hello, my fellow skylords I am going to make expert guides, not free 2 play cards, because already someone posted that, but I am going to do walk-through that you can print out, so players can have an easy way to know what to next. I also believe that if people have a guide for Expert or can do expert mission, they will have no trouble doing advanced or standard ones. Of course I could use your help, making suggestions, ideas, and correcting me if anything I said is wrong, etc. The missions are in a pdf file attached to this post, and every now and then i will post the next mission. I might n
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