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  1. Hatafata

    Daily rewards

    I think it would be great if the amount of pve upgrade rewards you get will be upgraded significantly so that people will be able to upgrade their cards fast and then be able to play pvp. i definently see the problem with the gathering upgrades is boring
  2. Hatafata

    Daily rewards

    Ohh no im not saying it should be easier ofc you should earn more bfp in pvp games if they choose to add it in the game, the pvp rewards should be better than pve
  3. Hatafata

    Daily rewards

    Well ofc you should be able to gain BFP from other areas in the game, but it would just be a nice bonus. plus it would probably help promote PVE, But yeah the rewards arent magnificent should probably be a bit higher
  4. Hatafata

    First promo you've ever got

    Hahahaha love these stories my first was rogan kayle i believe, But i remember my friend that bought Firedancer Promo Lucky lad
  5. Hatafata

    Daily rewards

    Dont think it would go well, id rather have you get bfp rewards for doing pve, not like everygame but maybe 2 bfp per 5th or 10th game, that would make people play pve much more too
  6. Hatafata


    I think its better they focus on getting the servers up for now ^^
  7. Hatafata

    Skylords Reborn (Coming Soon)

    Looking forward to this! Thank you guys so much!

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