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  1. NAME: Not all players have a visible player name SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: Forge REPRODUCIBILITY: After Login there is a >70% chance to have no nickname in chat. Can be tested by sending some text to the chat (did test /local /lfg or /trade ) DESCRIPTION: About 2/3 of all players online don'thave a name. The chatbox shows lots of players with the Name [] The Playerlist per map shows serval blank fields. See atatched screenshots. This way it is impossible to reply to an LFG or Trade request. SCREENSHOT: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Relog does help after many retrys. This Issue occured after the last server reboot (22-11-2018 ~ 21:20 UTC+1) This seems not to be a client side issue. Lots of other players did report the same issue in the ingame chat.
  2. schentuu

    type of booster

    Only for auctions with 1 BFP min bid. If you put a card in there for a min bid of 1 BFP, you'll have to live with it that it is buyed for 1 BFP. Soif you want to prevent it from being harvested, sell it for 2 BFP min bid, for example.
  3. schentuu

    type of booster

    Boosters with rare cards only or Color specific Boosters? That would destroy the trading character of the game. I'd more like to have a system to sell common cards that NOBODY wants to the system. This would prevent people getting bothered by owning the same common card 10 times, and not being able to sell it, because everybody else does own it themselves. Suggestion: System could automatically "buy" all cards that have been in the auction house for a LONG period, with a Minimum bid of ONLY 1 BFP, without being buyed, at end of the auction.
  4. schentuu


    Same here. If i can provide any logs to solve that issue, let me know. I did need 1-5 trys to log in (arround 6-7 UTC), after recieving the "success" message in the login window, it takes a long time, until the game loads into the screen as shown in the screenshot above, instantly showing me the same "connection lost" message
  5. schentuu

    Server Population Cap

    Whats the current ratio of Server slots per registered accounts? Today i stood up early to be able to log in to the game. No chance at all. What kind of stress test is this, when you limit server load by limiting user slots? During a stress test i would have expected lag, but not being unable to connect while trying for an hour every minute.
  6. schentuu

    I cant use any cards (cards bugged)

    In my case playing cards did work, but: the game is running that slow that you'll need to wait about one minute before you are able to cast your first spell, because it takes this long for the first monument to be ready to be used. And even then it takes over 2 minutes for the creatures summoned to show up un the map.
  7. schentuu

    too many users on server!

    Well, after about 10 or 20 tryes i did manage to enter the game. But the servers or their bandwith seem to be way underpowerd. The forge is running fine, chat is running fine. I did build a deck, started a solo game, and then it turned out that the reaction time of the game makes it unplayable. Summoning creatures, casting a spell or even sending troops somewhere has a reaction time of over 2 minutes. Casting a healing spell on my troops caused to let the spell go off when the troops weren't standing on that position any more. You can't do any tacktics because it is pure luck when your troops will react to your go-there command. I guess skylords-reborn would need at least 10 times more servers with realy good load balancers in front of them. From todays perspective i'd say the stress test did tell uss that there is *WAY* to much stress to the servers. So i'll wait and give the developers time to react on this. If the problem could be solved with more server hardware, i'm sure there are enough enthusiasts out there to donate some dolars. Comming back to the question "Is it worth to try over and over to connect?" Well, at this point of time: no If there are so many players online that the server won't give you a slot, the game won't be playable either. ____ EDIT: After trying another game at 04:00 UTC the game in fact was playable, as known from the good old days before EA did close down their servers. Seems like in the middle of the night, server load might be lower.

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