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  1. Crosego liked a post in a topic by Some_Idiot17 in Open Stress Test Information   
    Can't wait to be able to play this game again. Birthday is a week before open beta what an amazing gift it'll be to play this game.
  2. Some_Idiot17 liked a post in a topic by badbosspt in Important: Open Beta Status Announcement   
    i dont care . dont give us a date if you cant make it
  3. Some_Idiot17 liked a post in a topic by Ultrakool in Open Stress Test Information   
    Hey guys,
    This sort of discussion type is going very fast into flaming territory. There are many various sarcastic comments meant to mock or accusations from one player to another. Please calm down abit, and remember that this is an unpaid project. The devs are not getting anything out of this.
    As regards to our developers and setting released dates, this is a very huge scale project and as such it is very difficult to estimate when certain features will work or not. The fact that we are reverse engineering the server from the client makes things even harder, not easier. Last minute crucial bugs are a thing, and unfortunately we have had a fair share of them recently. I’m sure you all would rather a stable server than some server that will have many unfixed crucial bugs that will bring about even more frustration.
    It is not even the end of the specified release timeframe yet so, if nothing else, at least hold on to your pitchforks until then. Such negative energy is really discouraging for our devs who are hard at work at the very moment I speak to bring back the game we all love!
  4. Some_Idiot17 liked a post in a topic by MentalFurion in Open Stress Test Information   
    Wtf still nothing? You cant announce something and wait for the last few hours without saying anything! What does this say about your credibility?
    If its Not ready then delay it but this is rediculous!
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