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  1. Firstly, I like the basic idea of the proposed system, I appreciate the chance to give feedback and agree with most of the other posts above. I had a super long post written up on this, but I think it will be best if I try to summarize it instead (PS. which also turned out quite a mouth full, sorry for that ). TLDR: I think BFP rewards should be reduced and other booster / card based rewards should be increased via achievements and rolling over quests. The list: I like the idea of the reserve pool. Have you considered letting the initial 10% of the pool fill slightly quicker, thus still giving a slight reward to players doing long sessions? I think the point about boosters being a good thing has been made and heard. I strongly support keeping boosters as a reward. In fact I would like to see more boosters rewarded. For example two boosters rewarded each day and less BFP handed out: 1 standard booster after 30 minutes 1 colour focus booster after completing a quest 50 (or a lower number) BFP after completing the other quest I have one big concern: inflation. Inflation will get out of control in the long term if too much BFP is being handed out compared to cards. The proposed system will most likely make it worse. The flow of BFP into the system should be regulated and minimized. I think it is much more healthy for the game to have a surplus of cards vs. a surplus of BFP. BFP is primarily an auction house currency, and only as a last resort will it be used to buy boosters. (Or am I wrong about this and most new players buy boosters? I know I haven't bought a single booster - I've been playing the stress test for about 2 weeks now.) The current reasoning seems to forget some crucial things: We can't ever buy BFP from an outside source using real money, so there is no need to inflate prices to drive real world sales of BFP. The auction house will have to be removed or dis-functionally expensive before it would make sense buying boosters with BFP. The actual amount (number) of BFP in the system isn't the main concern, instead it is the ratio of BFP to cards in the system. If there is too much BFP then card prices will go out of control (which seems to be happening at the moment), which is the worst scenario for the game. It also makes it easier for people to "monopolize" the auction house, making things even more worse. New payers will have a hard time. If BFP is too low then most cards will cost 3 BFP each, which isn't ideal but not so bad as the alternative, because new players will be able to afford buying cards and catching up with the their friends / other players, which is good for the game. Something that I find appealing about Skylords Reborn is the possibility of actually owning (playing with) 95-100% of the cards without having to spend a ton of real world money or grind my life away. This is something I was not able to do in the original game, and is something Skylords Reborn can offer which Battleforge could not and no commercial game can ever offer. Making access to the standard pool of cards to difficult, time consuming or grindy is a bad thing in my opinion. At the moment I'm feeling the hurt of not having a second copy of Windweavers or Shaman, which are common/uncommon cards but practically unavailable on the auction house - is that good for anybody? For long term players I think their engagement can be kept with achievements and a chance to get super rare cards such as skinned versions of cards and promo cards. I think there is still some major shortcomings that need to be addressed and tested before the stress test can end (before the game goes "live"): There needs to be different booster types (focused on colour, rarity and time limited promotion events). Each priced differently or rewarded based on different quests or achievements. The current quests are nice, but I wouldn't mind seeing more variety. I also like the idea of something like a "hard" quest with for example 3 days to complete a specific challenge. For example: Win an expert PVE map with only common cards, or play a rPVE 4 player map with each deck being a mono colour and each colour being represented. There needs to be a robust achievement system in place to fast track new players and provide challenges to long term players. (Please no boring stuff like "win 5/10/15 times with frost".) Early game achievements can award boosters that contain mostly common and uncommon cards, while late game achievements might award a single copy of Mo or similar neutral cards - thus implying those cards would be super rare or missing in standard boosters. I really like the idea of quests rolling over for a full week. It takes a huge daily burden off, especially once normal life starts again next week. It also creates incentive to jump back in after being absent for a while. I would suggest keeping the 30 minutes timed gameplay as a daily quest that doesn't roll over, but the other quests could stack up for a week. Thus if I can only play each weekend then I'll have 15 quests to look forward to. Obviously the quests shouldn't overlap too much otherwise you will complete all quests in only two games. So, where does the new system fit into all of this? I think it could kick in once you complete the 30 minute quest (which should continue to give a booster). So once that has been done, then you will start gaining BFP from the reserve pool. But then again if there were real long term achievements to work towards then is this still such a big problem to justify handing out trickle amounts of BFP to keep the addicts hooked? I understand the current problem were my 3rd game doesn't give my account any progress, but is BFP the answer or is an achievement system a better solution? I think I wouldn't feel so bad about that 3rd game if I knew it brought me 1 game closer to completing the achievement that gives me a copy of Mo, Viridya, Moon, etc. All of the above is meant as humble feedback, to help spark ideas. I hope it can be helpful. Many thanks and respect for the team that brought as this far already!
  2. Yes, I noticed it in normal games first, then tried to recreate in the forge. This also seems to happen to the fire shamans (Warlock?). They also cast buffs and thus seem to stay in combat and not heal properly.
  3. NAME: Stone Tempest ability names in reverse order DESCRIPTION: The abilities of the shadow and frost versions of Stone Tempest are in reverse order. REPRODUCIBILITY: Always SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Can't upload, I get an error. LOG: Not applicable. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I assume the abilities are currently sorted by name, alphabetically?
  4. NAME: Lost Wanderer not healing at buildings DESCRIPTION: Sometimes Lost Wanderer does not want to heal when close to a building. REPRODUCIBILITY: In the forge cast a building and then surround it with Lost Wanderers. I wait a little bit before casting each one, to space them apart, then let them shield each other up. Then switch to the opponent mode and cast Lava Field. Wait and see that the units don't heal correctly. I tested with other units and they start healing correctly, but Lost Wanderer doesn't. Sometimes they get little bursts of healing but then it stops again. (Maybe only a problem when there are more than one (the more the worst) Lost Wanderer in play?) SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Tried to upload a screenshot, but can't. I get an "-200" error when I try to upload. LOG: Didn't save the logs and can't attach files (see above). ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I suspect it has something to do with them casting shields all the time, maybe they don't get "out of combat" to start healing? Pressing the Stop command doesn't help, but I did manage to get a Lost Wanderer to regenerate a little HP (before it stopped regenerating again) by moving it around the powerwell, maybe entering and leaving the area close to the well in the process.
  5. Confirming that this is still a problem.
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