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  1. Firstly, I like the basic idea of the proposed system, I appreciate the chance to give feedback and agree with most of the other posts above. I had a super long post written up on this, but I think it will be best if I try to summarize it instead (PS. which also turned out quite a mouth full, sorry for that ). TLDR: I think BFP rewards should be reduced and other booster / card based rewards should be increased via achievements and rolling over quests. The list: I like the idea of the reserve pool. Have you considered letting the initial 10% of the pool fill slightly quicker,
  2. Yes, I noticed it in normal games first, then tried to recreate in the forge. This also seems to happen to the fire shamans (Warlock?). They also cast buffs and thus seem to stay in combat and not heal properly.
  3. NAME: Stone Tempest ability names in reverse order DESCRIPTION: The abilities of the shadow and frost versions of Stone Tempest are in reverse order. REPRODUCIBILITY: Always SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Can't upload, I get an error. LOG: Not applicable. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I assume the abilities are currently sorted by name, alphabetically?
  4. NAME: Lost Wanderer not healing at buildings DESCRIPTION: Sometimes Lost Wanderer does not want to heal when close to a building. REPRODUCIBILITY: In the forge cast a building and then surround it with Lost Wanderers. I wait a little bit before casting each one, to space them apart, then let them shield each other up. Then switch to the opponent mode and cast Lava Field. Wait and see that the units don't heal correctly. I tested with other units and they start healing correctly, but Lost Wanderer doesn't. Sometimes they get little bursts of healing but then it stops again. (Maybe onl
  5. Confirming that this is still a problem.
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