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  1. hallo, ich habe ein problem. Wen ich im Spiel bin stürzt es einfach ab. ohne erkenntliches Muster. Ich habe das spiel gelöscht und neu installiert sowie Antivirus abgeschaltet. hätte wer einen lösungs vorschlag ?
  2. Devs know the Problem and they are Working to solve The problem.. Thats not so easy so they need some time
  3. This theard is for problems like this
  4. Nope, nobody knows when it gona work to 100% 2 mohnts ? 1 year ? We must trust the devs and wait
  5. Elite195


    it update by him self
  6. How can I play this game? We get you're excited, and you have all reason to be! You will finally be able to access the game again in some of its former glory. There is some setting up to be done though! The Skylords Reborn launcher requires a 64-bit system. Please check if you have a 64-bit operating system. In Windows, you can simply do this by looking at your system information (Control Panel > System > About > System Type), or if you know you have a Program Files (x86) folder on your storage drive. The game works on a Windows platform. If you are playing on a non-window
  7. Sry i didnt wona to break the rules I see hes a german player so i whas thinking i can help im better with german but oke i dont do it again :)
  8. Super wär dir dankbar für ein Thx am post hehe ^^ in zukunft solltest du per launcher starten können
  9. Ging es noch nie oder erst seit heute ? falls noch nie schon mal mit UAC.exe gestartet ? Falls ab heute ja ich würde den launcher von der ersten seite neu runterladen und den aktuellen ersetzen. hab einige posts gesehn wo stand das es geholfen hat
  10. Then re download the launcher I read that helpet some player
  11. i don't have any problem with login with the actuell launcher.. i only see they pacthed something 1/1 Did you Antivirus stopp some programm ?
  12. Hey I don't know if it's mater but since yesterday i can't open the game with the UAc only with the Rebortupdater.exe i'm the only one witrh this "problem" or did it sombebody else notice ? Elite195
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