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  1. Azzarocks

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    Im not very active on the Forum unfortunately, but I definitely keep my eye on it. The discord server especially. Anyways, cheers.
  2. Azzarocks

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    Cannot wait to play Battleforge again!
  3. Azzarocks

    What was your favorite part of Battleforge?

    Ah, sorry about that Ladadoos, I did a quick search, but nothing was coming up. Guessing I must have typed in a mistake or something. I could not agree more, @Phosphorbeta, haha. @‌Porous, Yeah, hahaha! That map was a blast! I usually went pure Ice on that map, set up a defence with the huge World Breaker Guns!
  4. What was your favourite part of Battleforge, and why? Also, if you have one, what was the thing you didn't like quite so much, or even hated about Battleforge? Anything from the maps, card system, trading system, uniqueness of it all, etc. The most amazing, and possibly my favourite part of Battleforge was the uniqueness of it. I had searched for hours trying desperately to find a game similar to Battleforge after it was shut down, but had no luck. But, another thing was probably the forge! Possibly half of my game time was just mucking around in the Forge, whether waiting for people to join my match or not, when I was bored, anything. I just loved setting up battles between 'factions', like Ice and Fire, with small units being the main army, and one large unit being the overlord or something. Just those little things made it something spectacular. Anyways, that's enough about my experiences and likes, and little to no dislikes from me, how about you guys?
  5. Azzarocks

    Words cannot express how happy I am...

    No problem :) Also happy to hear that you have got one of (or some of) the moderators from the actual Battleforge forums. :D Also, what I have seen so far in other threads, the admins (such as Blank for example), and the people working on the program have been incredibly friendly and helpful. This is an amazing start to the rebirth of Battleforge! :D
  6. Azzarocks

    Words cannot express how happy I am...

    Yea, sorry for another topic about excitement towards the game, but, well...I am just so incredibly excited! :D
  7. Hello! I just want to say, thank you so very much for working on bringing this game back to life! While it is just a game to some, Battleforge took up a lot of my time, and was a key factor in my enjoyment of games. When Battleforge was shut down, I literally had a tear or two, just from all that time that had just disappeared. Even all the money I had spent on that game did not matter. Soon (hopefully) we all will be able to play and enjoy the once great gem of games, Battleforge. I appreciate what you guys are doing, and I am sure everyone else here agrees! Keep up the great work guys! :')

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