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    thank you a lot kiwi but fixed it yet. just forgot to reply sorry i just reinstalled skylords and patched it again and it works fine. dont know what was the problem maybe an bug while patching? but yeah it works very fine and you guys are doing a very good work. at the start from open stress i couldnt connect longer than 5 minutes and now its posible to play for like 40 minutes without any dc Thanks
  2. DeathDude


    every single time i try to login i get this error its like Launcher.exe stopped working, today i could play without problems but now i got this bug like 6 times in a row and my brother 3 times. hope u can help us Edit: i put my password and after it shows up sucess. it happens. btw hope you can understand Edit2: my Launcher.txt [19:11:50] Proxy::HandlePacket(): Connecting to server: PreGame [19:11:50] PreGame: Started listening [19:11:50] PreGame: KeepAlive Request [19:11:50] PreGame: Packet forwarded to the server [19:11:51] PreGame: Passed a packet to the game [19:11:51] PreGame: Packet forwarded to the server [19:11:52] PreGame: Passed a packet to the game [19:11:52] PreGame: Packet forwarded to the server [19:11:53] PreGame: Passed a packet to the game [19:11:53] PreGame: Packet forwarded to the server [19:11:54] PreGame: Passed a packet to the game [19:11:54] PreGame: Packet forwarded to the server [19:11:55] PreGame: Passed a packet to the game [19:11:59] Proxy::HandlePacket(): Connecting to server: Matchmaking [19:11:59] Matchmaking: Started listening [19:11:59] Matchmaking: KeepAlive Request [19:12:00] Matchmaking: Packet forwarded to the server [19:12:01] Matchmaking: Passed a packet to the game [19:12:15] Borderline: KeepAlive Request [19:12:22] SecureStreamSocket::Init(): [E] Connection to server 3481910053:7403 failed (-1) [19:12:22] Proxy::InitServer(): [E] Socket connection failed [19:12:22] signal_error: Memory usage peak: 7616.00 kB, current: 7616.00 [19:12:22] printStack(): [E] Invalid memory segment access [19:12:22] PreGame: KeepAlive Request [19:12:22] printStack(): [E] 18: - 0x0 [19:12:22] printStack(): [E] 17: - 0x0 [19:12:22] printStack(): [E] 16: - 0x0 [19:12:22] printStack(): [E] 15: - 0x0 [19:12:22] printStack(): [E] 14: - 0x0 [19:12:22] printStack(): [E] 13: - 0x0 [19:12:22] printStack(): [E] 12: RtlLookupFunctionEntry - 0x7FA5AA898D0 [19:12:22] printStack(): [E] 11: DbgPrint - 0x7FA5AA8A97C [19:12:22] printStack(): [E] 10: KiUserExceptionDispatcher - 0x7FA5AA54B4C [19:12:22] printStack(): [E] 9: KiUserExceptionDispatcher - 0x7FA5AA54B4C [19:12:22] printStack(): [E] 8: KiUserExceptionDispatcher - 0x7FA5AA54B4C [19:12:22] printStack(): [E] 7: KiUserExceptionDispatcher - 0x7FA5AA54B4C [19:12:22] printStack(): [E] 6: KiUserExceptionDispatcher - 0x7FA5AA54B4C [19:12:22] printStack(): [E] 5: KiUserExceptionDispatcher - 0x7FA5AA54B4C [19:12:22] printStack(): [E] 4: KiUserExceptionDispatcher - 0x7FA5AA54B4C [19:12:22] printStack(): [E] 3: KiUserExceptionDispatcher - 0x7FA5AA54B4C [19:12:22] printStack(): [E] 2: KiUserExceptionDispatcher - 0x7FA5AA54B4C [19:12:22] printStack(): [E] 1: BaseThreadInitThunk - 0x7FA5A7B1828 [19:12:22] printStack(): [E] 0: RtlUserThreadStart - 0x7FA5AA8DEF0 [19:12:22] MySignalException: Ready to be thrown
  3. First of all sorry for my english :D my brother just installed his laptop and i did moved him battleforge but he always get the same error (just saw it in german) :D but the error is something like "this app cant run on a 32 bit computer" but he has a 64 bit?? help us please and thanks :) greetings DeathDude
  4. DeathDude

    Open Stress Test Information

    this is like i did understand you just can't start it cause u haven't the launcher so if we got bad luck we have to patch the game after downloading the launcher but lets see its cause u need the launcher... if the open beta starts we can download the launcher
  5. DeathDude

    Open Stress Test Information

    das liegt daran dass dein download nicht vollständig heruntergeladen wurde "its cause your download wasnt complete" <--- sorry for writing in german

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