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  1. i just bought a booster and it does not show anywhere but bfp are gone.

    has anyone ever had this ?

    after multiple relogs booster apeared. maybe something in the system.

    still has anyone ever had a booster disapear on them ?  

  2. 21 hours ago, X7X7X7X said:

    I rarely able to finish my game or start it. I have to keep re login again and again. 
    Although it isn't problem because my re login speed lvl is over 9000!:ohno:

    I happy this game came back from the grave. I hope it will regains the old glory.:)


    its over 9000 u got me laughing hard haha :P 

  3. On 9/15/2018 at 11:58 PM, Karl Lavafeld said:

    1: where do i need to put the maps again (folder) to can choose them ingame?

    2: Does the ingame comunitymap upload and download allready work?


    Kind regards

    would like to know nr 1 aswell :)

  4. BF is the best game there is there is no question about that but rushign it for chirstmass to but it online and it fails would be a let down so i rather have them work their best and put it when its ready wether that is christmass or next easter. aslong as i know bf will return i will wait :)

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