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  1. ShiMasaru

    Next wipe

    At least at the end of the beta there will be a wipe. Besides that, there is non planned at the moment, but it could happen anytime.
  2. ShiMasaru

    Closed Beta Applications

    Hi, my name is Beni, I´m 22 years old and atm I´m student with a lot of free time.(I´m living in austria and the year is over for now, so the next few months I have freetime as much as I want) I played in a lot of betas like hearthstone and I also had my own servers in different games, so I know how to report bugs and I dont just say "there is one, solve it".(I know that the devil is in the details) I´m more fan of PvE modes, but depending on the game I also love PvP. I´m more the silent and patient guy, so I dont flame others or insult them while playing, doesnt matter if I win or lose. I act like I should with my age, even online. In Battleforge I played only PvE back then as far as I can remember. I dont want to write my whole story, so hear the last hard facts: I have 3-6hours each day time to play.(most of the week more, but 1-2 days per week maybe less) and I´m really motivated to test the game and all its ways to be played.(different decks etc) My discord is ShiMasaru#5094. best regards Beni aka ShiMasaru

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