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  1. 22 hours ago, Darian DelFord said:

    I as a player.... and supporter of this project, would like to point out that we do not need to see the dirty laundry aired in public.  I would request that All Mods / Devs keep this to the private forums the mods can see.

    This is not what we need to see.

    I agree that it is pretty rough to see these kind of discussions out in the wild, instead of sticking to private channels, but I understand the reaction coming from the moderation team, given that Kubik, from what I've read both in Discord and in the forums in the last months, is prone to beginning arguments and pointing fingers with no form of etiquette, throwing any professional speech off the figurative window.

    Excluding the work he has done in the project, it is normal to have creative discrepancies with other team members, especially when comes to a game that a lot of this community loves and appreciates, but throwing a tantrum at every step of the way, and doing so in public channels, with no regards to the rest of the team's opinion, is unprofessional, and paints the development team in a really bad light, let alone asking the team itself to choose between two of its members.

    It's unheard of in other game restoration projects, and of course unacceptable in any development team in any company in the world.

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