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  1. If you set search parameters as: Color - Shadow/Nature Orb - 1, 3 or 4 Then you get some strange search results that consist of 140+ pages. The only unit for Shadow+Nature is 2-Orb squad.
  2. Game freezes after alt+tab and doing nothing for 5-10 min. After I come back to Battleforge I simply can not do anything and have to restart the application.
  3. Hello. Played several PVE maps. There where 2 times out of 20 maps when I suddenly lost controls of my troops. It was just like I could see everything that happens on the screen, my troops keps fighting even scenario kept on (last time it happened on Oracle map, there are long dialogs where you have nothing to do and just listen to NPC chat). I couldn't cast any spells. but when I tried - the cooldown started, but the spell didn't work and turned grey after cooldown ended. After that my troops killed the final boss on Oracle map and all qwests were finished, I didn't recieve reward for the completion of this map and qwests didn't count also. Only got 60 gold for it, just like as if I have lost the map. This bug never happened on rPvE maps. Only on scenario PvE.
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