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  1. Everytime im pressing Play at the launcher "K32GetProcessMemoryInfo not found in KERNELE32.dll" this error is poping up. i tried everything... Running everything as administrator. Deleting the config file or editing the attributes in the config file. Running in compatibility mode. Extracting the battleforge and updater.rar while making sure that any firewall or antivirus are turned off. Updating Visual C++ prerequisites/ redlist libraries (and including gearbox). DX9 installed to my computer. but nothing works. I have a very old pc. running vista. but i played this game long ago on this pc. Help would be great. would love to play this game again!
  2. Skhan

    MSVCR120.dll not found

    i (re)installed all 3 but same problem with kernel32.dll
  3. Skhan

    MSVCR120.dll not found

    okay nvm other probelm now "K32GetProcessMemoryInfo not found in KERNELE32.dll" need help
  4. Skhan

    MSVCR120.dll not found

    Launcher starts but if i press play a window opens with "MSVCR120.dll not found". tried much, need help ty Skhan
  5. Skhan

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    Dear Devs and Mods Pls dont just change in the Announcment the time 3-4 weeks to 6-7 weeks. Its a bad move. Just go straight with us and do a new Announcment. We all are stand behind you and will keep up the . But just be real to us.

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