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  1. This came up a few days ago after playing a game of BF. My Skylordsrebornupdater file dissapeared. I deleted all files all folders. I created a new folder on desktop, redownloaded the game and when i try to move the Skylordsrebornupdater file to the BF folder i keep getting an error message that "you'll need to provide administrator permission to move to this folder" All permissions have been granted. After i attempt to move the file or unpack the file using winzip to BF, the origin folder becomes read only. I deactivte readonly. i try to move it. it changes back to read only.
  2. I have this same problem. Fails to launch. What files are in the updater zip file? It gives me five:controlzez, mahapps, skylordreborn, system.win, and uac. I fixed it, redownloaded again. How do i get out of windowed mode?
  3. oK, I deleted all files and redownloaded. Now it says, missing launcher.exe or battlefore.exe file error message when i hit the launch button
  4. Not working for me. I DL and unziped both files. I put the updater into the BF folder, i open updater and nothing happens.
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