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  1. And for me i wont play the Game until the Free-PVP-Decks has been removed. Im not a PvE Guy, my Rank was Hero at the old Battleforge on PVP but it destroy the Game and give me zero Motivation to Play it. Thats why i left it after a single Mission.
  2. Theres no Motivation for me to playing Skylordfs Reborn aslong there are free Lv120 PVP Decks. The Only Thing on Battleforge is the Fun with Collecting Cards, Lvling the Decks up and mess with other Players in PVP Matches. This is Battleforge. But you make PvE Useless for me and this is the reason why i dont have any fun or motivation to playing this version of Battleforge. Please remove this or you will loose the Playerbase faster as we all expect. Battleforge lives with the Combo of PVE and PVP. Thats why it was unique...
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