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  1. Ok! thanks for coments, i think you are stupid bb!
  2. I'm quite serious, and not troll/dupl. i like BF and i wait OBt, chek forum every day. "Fotti" That dude has the right to doubt. I generally think that it would be a good solution for a one day to include a server for everyone. Let them fall in 1-2 hours, but people will see that you guys are doing the work. This will definitely cause great support from the community. I have experience playing pirated MMO servers. They constantly has problems, but people continue to play there. So many people here do not write but do not understand why you have not run obt (my think). Thank for understand =)
  3. Honestly, any sane person should think like him. To give this person access to beta would be a good idea.
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