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  1. I háve a dic when i come in the game ... but it´s anyway a amazing feeling to could come back in ... and to see all this old features from my childhood !!! AMAZING !!! Can´t wait till the open Beta gonna start ! Keep up the great work !
  2. So guyz ... by me was it like that ... first I downloaded it also by Mega... but I could not download the full file ... cuz I had not the volume from mega and had to pay for more volume to get the file ... the other download link is more slower ... but there it works without any problems. What you have to do to get the Client. As frist, you should get 7zip ... to convert the .rar file into a custom file (Battleforge). Then after this step. You have to download the Updater link. Then is it important !!! DONT COPY JUST THE FILE AND PUT IT INSIDE THE BATTLEF
  3. I have actually the same problem like you @Savage
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