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  1. @Scourge just for your information: I've been playing this singleplayer map "The Soultree" over and over again and the game freezes always at excactly the same time: I press the "victory" - " close" button ingame, getting loading screen to the forge and the game freezes with a half black/half forge screen. Not Sure if this helps, but i tried it like 5 times and its always the same. Any updates on a solution so far? :)
  2. same here, any solutions/statements?
  3. Hey, seems like i have a problem with unlocking maps. is this currently known? I finished "the Soultree" or for example "Crusade", but the following maps won't be able to play. Is there any way to fix this?
  4. It's fine, for sure ! Also we have no choice but waiting. The only thing i would add: Don't make promises and spread expactions, in the end, this way leads to big dissappointment ! I guess, that's not the way you want to do. For future releases: Concrete Dates only when you finished all the work. This way you can delay the release to get some free time, prepare everything and get some other stuff done. (Like Hearthstone, they introduce the new expansion for mid April, even though im pretty sure they already finished everything.)
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