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  1. from what I've seen the ones who had no trouble with getting the game up and running seem to be able to get in and out of the game without much trouble and yet i'm here alongside over a hundred others who can't get in at all. i find it a very unfair point and personally if possible look at peoples game time if so i'd say ban them for some time to allow others to be able to play and at least be able to play somewhat well i got in the game for what 5min before it froze on me but i saw in the auction house at how many cards one person had for sale was alot meaning he got lots of game time, and i heard that the maximum the server can hold is 200? if so it's kinda stupid to put this public when there are over 500 players wanting to play its like trying to find a needle in a haystack. i'm thankful of @MephistoRoss for sorting out game start up troubles, but personally if it was me i'd close the open beta stress test for now until you have more capacity for players to join but i guess i'll just wait for the open beta official release because its too much effort and disappointment of seeing "logging in-Success" "load bar-Dc" every single time i go to go on the game with in over 60 attempts. but i guess people are just going to look at this post and say "boring, be patient, stop being selfish, this is annoying" well to be honest with you all i'm generally looking out for the players who have no chance of getting in game because the capacity is wayyyy too small
  2. again, thank you very much @MephistoRoss but i gotta ask how long is the beta planning on going for? or is it keep it on and update through maintenance checks and such unless of course a server crash, also thank you for not going through my porn history while i went for a cigarette lmfao
  3. yeah have no idea whats up with it mephisto asked me if i had a virus scanner running that might be blocking anything but i don't and i turned my firewall off and tried again but nothing
  4. lokodov try use UAC and it should add more to your folder such as server and launcher but i don't know if "launcher" is launcher.exe as i don't really know alot when it comes to this kind of stuff
  5. well i got this so far https://prnt.sc/kr7owk and https://prnt.sc/kr7ors is everything i need there?
  6. it doesn't even come up with errors just nothing happens wish i atleast had an error seems like everyone who gets one at least gets fixed let alone an actual reply...
  7. any ideas? on what to do? as i'm not really a tech kinda guy, although i installed directX and tried to do the visual c++ thing but it said i have more upto date software and i installed both the client and updater without antivirus and firewall on well i tried running on the UAC and it loaded up but once i press play nothing happens again
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