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  1. DisasterRain

    Updater won't work

    It didn't work for i think 3 days straight. but today it started working. the only way i could access the forum was from a tor browser lol.
  2. DisasterRain

    Updater won't work

    i'm having the same problem. It just checks and then closes. I can't even open the forum from any of my browsers. (tried chrome, mozille and edge) https://i.imgur.com/ym0DxvS.jpg https://i.imgur.com/RV78eDV.jpg
  3. DisasterRain

    RNG from card packs?

    I dont understand how bad the RNG is from the card packs but boi last 20 packs less than 400 bf is just nuts, unable to build any decks or even finish first one. anyone else this unlucky?
  4. DisasterRain

    RNG from card packs?

    That's what i wanted to see.
  5. DisasterRain

    RNG from card packs?

    every god damn day the same.
  6. DisasterRain

    RNG from card packs?

    i haven't gotten a single promo card or anything worth over 1000bf since i started and im almost gold star 1.
  7. DisasterRain

    Open Stress Test Information

    this makes me aroused

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