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  1. First, I love this game. Battleforge was a uniquely beautiful game to play. But now, I cant stand the basis on which a large majority of these changes are being made. Mix decks and PvE take priority over the great changes you could make. Looter on strikers was a really nice feature to have, Especially considering the cost of strikers and its style of play. The same went for thugs when they had it, it applied a layer of power threat for fire that played into their heavy offensive playstyle in PVP. If this was done to bring mix decks more in line with the pure decks at tier 1 that would make sense but each and every patch the mix decks get tons of attention and Tier 2 fire in particular along with the other pure decks are ignored. Before, mix decks were fun because of card versatility but at the cost of the full power of what that architype could provide (example Fire - Offense, nature - CC/heals, Frost - Defense, Shadow - high risk high reward). But now, mix decks command not only the most versatility but also merge the best of what each architype can produce with virtually no drawbacks. It genuinely feels like the balance team never plays PVP or if they do, they only use mix decks. Strikers was an off meta card in PVP that strongly represented the offensive architype of Pure Fire, now its just another dead card as a PVP option. Changes like Fire Bomb give me hope, cause its more in line with what id like to see in terms of creativity and giving dead cards viability in both PVP/PVE. I understand we have a small team working on this and I appreciate them, but please don't release patches that completely hinder certain cards or architypes without providing something to balance it out.
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