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  1. I'm thinking about making a mod/script to the game that will cycle between own buildings and automatically activate their abilities, like SoW and healing gardens. but before I do that I want to know if it's legal at all?
  2. I just finished a game where someone used speedhack program like cheat engine, at the last 4 camps, he froze all 3 of us and finished the remaining camps alone, what made me 100% sure about him messing with the game with a program like cheat engine speedhack is this. suddenly all 3 of us had very very heavy lag, the game almost stopped completely, I thought it was a crash or something but after a while the units looked like they were moving like one inch every 10 seconds we stayed like this for more than 2 minutes, and suddenly the game speed were like a flying machine, like when you watch the
  3. There is Lost Evocation red affinity, it gives 50% damage buff to all LS units. but it requires 1 extra orb which for me isn't a problem, the problem is it's a spell not arcane, so I need to have a ground unit or a friendly ground unit nearby to use it. but once used it's really really nice, the revenant last for 25 seconds and the buff last for extra 20 seconds on the unit after the revenant leave. that is 45 seconds, and if I use revenant blessing to stop the revenant timer, I can have it for really long time
  4. this is very enlightening. ty for your opinion usually the way I play LSS is I go shadow, shadow, frost shadow. I spawn 4 LSS, then I destroy them after the use of second chance. then cultist with furnace ofc if there is no SoW, then I spawn the rest. in a normal game I would have 12 LSS before there is 10:00 minutes left. I orb switch my amii to nature, the use of it saves me 122 power overall compared to taking the t4 normal orb and switch it later. afterward I never get short on power, even if there is no SoW I always end the game between 1-2k in my powerpool even without losing a sin
  5. Thank you for sharing your opinion as you said a lot of things can have an impact on how fast someone can clear a camp, like what map, what boss, how many orbs, orbs combination, what spells, cards. void, power pool, if we are to count all of those things, I don't think anyone can prove to anyone anything, because the possibilities are almost unlimited, and that is why this game is so enjoyable I totally agree with you about the problem of spirit ships against tanky bosses and single target. but the same can also be said about bloodhorn when dealing with a boss like nyxia, or when
  6. Hey guys. Earlier today I had a discussion with my teammate about who can clear camps faster. 12 spirit ships or bloodhorn with spells. at the end we decided to test it out in random pve. However after we finished the test we still couldn't agree about who is the fastest. 12 LSS or bloodhorn with spells, because in his side he had to fight 2 big bosses, and in my side I had to travel a lot because my camps were not in one straight line like his. that's why we decided to only focus on the first 2 camps each of us had to clear and ignore the rest, as both two camps we each had to clear
  7. I guarantee you this is a bug that is not intended. simply because this problem is very old, and I remember very clearly that EA did fix it somewhere in 2010 after the release of lost souls. afterward the problem kept showing up again and again with each patch, and EA did fix it over and over again. and I'm sure there are other players who can remember this. also if you disenchant a unit who is buffed by lets say forest elder (Flower Power). after the disenchant effect wears off the buff from forest elder or any other unit for that matter will reapply again. for some of these buffs you wi
  8. also a unit who is revived after death by (second chance) will lose all the buffs from wheel of gifts and Mo benevolent. even if it didn't got debuffed from abilities like disenchant.
  9. When own unit have the benevolent mo buff, if being debuffed by abilities like Disenchant, then after the effect wear off the benevolent mo buff won't ever apply again on that unit. and this is creating a huge problem for rang units in places like random pve lost souls or even twillight. this need to be fixed. i have taken few screen shots. Wheel of Gifts have the exact same problem as well.
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