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  1. 6 hours ago, Eviatar10 said:


    In my opinion a true date , even a one people may not like , would be batter , even if you talled me now : "something exploded in the game , alot of unexpected problems , the game will release in 3 years" , 

    this is a latter i wrote to MrXLink , he read it and did not responded.

    You know there is no release date now? And I'm pretty sure the dates devs gave were true to them at that time. Maybe he didn't respond because you wrote nothing new for him, not sure what replay you expct. "I know right"? I bet everybody knows some people are pissed about the delays.

  2. 8 hours ago, Eonir said:

    Hi there...

    For those who are whining, I just want you to remember Skylord reborn is not a company, neither staff and dev are professionals. 

    They give their free time for this project, for us all; that we can again play this game. I don't think most of you have any idea how big, hard and complicated this work can be, and if you do and keep whining, then sorry but you are stupid. 


    As i see most people don't whine about a late release, but more about passed deadline just like this:

    19 hours ago, badbosspt said:

    i dont care . dont give us a date if you cant make it

     Hoenstly, i expected the first deadline to drop, because that's how projects work :). But now i got disappointed that they could not deliver. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate what they are doing and i know they are no big company and don't earn money an bla bla, but if I see them make a mistake i feel free to say it. Letting a deadline pass hurts the community and even more the deveopers, thus the project. Of course setting a date pushes your productivity beyond limits, but it's just not worth it in my opinion.


    P.S. Hofstadter's Law: It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law.

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  3. Sounds good for open beta, personally I'd like to have lower Rare and UR % in the long run. Still it depends on how hard it is to get a booster.

    As a PVE player I enjoyed playing expert with limited decks, so you have to fight with what you got and not just pick the best cards for the fastest/easiest game.


    4 hours ago, Frosthor said:

    So there are 68 Ultra rare cards in the game excluding the promos Firedancer, Harvester and Lord Cyrian. Therefore we have to open 348,71 boosters on average to have all 68 Ultra rare cards. If we want all the charges too we have to open 1394,87 boosters on average. So even if we could get 3 boosters a day that would take us 464 days to get a complete collection excluding promos and completly ignoring the auction house.

    Happy grinding everyone. :-)

    I personally looking forward to it.

    There is a reason they are called ultra rare after all :)


    OffTopic: Memories of sparrow's community challenges coming up. Would love to see something like this again.

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