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    Closed Beta Applications

    Hi there, Back in the Days I played from Beta till the Server went offline. I participated in a few community challenges on the official forums. My old nickname was ThePsychoDad. I no lifed PVE and did a bit of PVP. In PVE I played every fraction on every difficulty and did a lot of teach runs or strategy theory crafting. I'd love to help you guys out in finding and reporting Bugs, testing settings and having fun with the community. I can spend 4 hours per Weekday and a lot of hours on the Weekends. I am currently working full-time that's why I have more time on the Weekends. I am 31 years old very dedicated and a nice guy. I'm able to stream or record my Games if necessary. My Discord tag is: Tiu | Mikel#9448 Best regards

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