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  1. server is small you got best chances to log in in the morning europen time on other times its mostly overpopulated its first stress test and has lots of problems its not even beta closer to alpha
  2. som anty viruses may block it in my case had to add files to exception list so they wont be qarantined or blocked by avast so i either get error or sever is full or this enyway problem is big even if i menage to lunch 1 player mach from map (aside trening somhow it didynt forze) i got froze after short time
  3. enyway server is full i would sey they underestymated intrest of people in game especialy that game dont have eny competytion
  4. problem is whenever i doo conect i tend to get dc after batle or while saving the deck it didynt dc me in batle but when i tray to get into map and pick a batle or enything else i get dc now and then somthing is unstable or loging in new player kicks som older ones im shure its not my internet conection couse i can play other games fine also in batle i dont get dc i think bigger server will be neded and disconect shouldynt go so easy and kick you out to login screan i also wonder can you go to agreement with EA to share profit from game and get agrement from them to aculy profi
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