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  1. Same error happened to me, but in my case the tokens were indeed out of sync. My client still said I had 11, while I was actually at about 100. Trying to buy a 12-token upgrade crashed me, after relogging it worked fine.
  2. Yes, we tried but were not able to reproduce this in the regular missions. We also tried some more stuff. Player A opens a rPvE at difficulty 3, then switches it to difficulty 6. Then player B joins and player B will always see difficulty 2. We even once got it to show 'difficulty: expert' for player B once, which is not even a valid option. We're not sure how we did that though.
  3. NAME: Random PvE difficulty de-sync SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: rPvE lobby screen, Forge REPRODUCIBILITY: 100% DESCRIPTION: Player A opens a random 2 player PvE scenario and sets a difficulty different from the default (1). Player B, who is not in a group with player A, joins the lobby, but will see the old difficulty instead of the new one. If the game is started in this de-synced state, both players get a different map on a different difficulty and play the map as if the other one left. In about 50% of the cases (3 out of 6), one of the player's game crashes to desktop, showing the other player a
  4. Can confirm what was said before. Played Encounters with Twilight (Standard) for the first time after the reset and lost connection after the winning screen. Edit: Ecnounters with Twilight (Expert) still works after several plays, Crusade (Standard) failed at first try
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