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Graphical Artefacts in VirtualBox

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Hi everybody,

I'm trying to get the game running in a virtualbox as I don't want to use wine (because it's a security hazard). After a bit of fiddling, almost everything works. The only thing I can't iron out is a graphical artefact when starting a mission. The white and grey areas in the attached screenshot are actually flickering madly with polygons in black, white and noise. As you can see, some objects above a certain height, as well as health bars are clearly visible. Also, the "forge"/starting area is having no artefacts (i can tell) at lowest graphics settings. Apart from the aforementioned artefact, the game runs smoothly.

I'm guessing, the problem lies in the experimental graphics drivers of the virtualbox not rendering some "fog" correctly (as I've never played the game before, I don't know how it's supposed to look). I've tried playing around with the graphics settings and config file, and reinstalling DX9, but to now avail.

Does anyone have another suggestion on what to try, to get this to work?

The setup:

  • Win7 in Oracle VirtualBox with latest guest additions/drivers on a linux host (with respective drivers).
  • configured to use 2 CPU cores and 4GB of Memory, 192MB video Memory and 3D acceleration.

skylords graphics bug.png

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