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Hi sorry for the stupid questions but i was with a full nature sett and half fire deck and all 3 stars but i stopped playing some time and i cant remember i think it was last year i transferred my account to another e-mail and i think it was this one <mail address hidden> but somehow when i log in it showes me that i have no cards and i start from the beggining witch is sad cuz i put alot of time and i got most of the expensive cards and decks can you please help me restore my accaunt. my last accaunt i think was using the following e-mail... <mail address hidden> 
Thank you for your time!


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We officially released Skylords Reborn back in December 2020. At this point there was the long awaited reset of all accounts to keep the game fair to everyone. In the past (before the release) there have been bugs where players could get more Gold and BFP and also cards like players could get now.

Unfortunately there's nothing we can do for you in this case. Every player had to start from scratch. But be sure, it makes a lot of fun.

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