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Complete system freeze after assigning unit to control group (sometimes)


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Complete system freeze after assigning unit to control group (sometimes)


Sometimes (I would say in 10% of the occasions) when I assign a unit to a control group, my system begans to lag immensily, so much that it basically freezes. No possibility to close down the game or even open the task manager, forcing me to restart. The sound/music keeps playing though. I had this bug now roughly 10 times. Here is how it usually happens:

1. Start a map (doesnt matter which one)

2. Play for a while

3. Assign spawned units, which spawned into an existing control group, to another existing control group (via CTRL + number keys), overwriting it (I always overwrite control group 1)

4. System freezes immediately after assigning the control group. But: This doesnt happen everytime, maybe in like 10% of the times, but it always happens directly when assigning the control group.

More concrete example where it happens most of the time for me (but its also usually the only time where I manually assign control groups):
1. play random PvE map until T4
2. spawn winter witch into an existing control group
3. assign winter witch to another existing control group using CTRL + number keys, overwriting this control group in the process
4. system freeze


happens in ~10% of the occasians, but happens frequently enough that it is super annoying.


not possible since system freezes in that moment


I attached log_proxy_latest, but I started the game again after my last crash so it is probably a fresh log. Therefore I also attached log_proxy_0, as this seems to be the log from the session beforehand where it freezed.


The game's default spawning/control group settings are used.

My system is a "MSI GP72MVR 7RFX Leopard Pro" Gaming Laptop (you can google the specs), running on Windows 10 Home. No other progams ran actively in the foreground during the freeze.

_log_proxy_0.log _log_proxy_latest.log

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