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Log in Screen Kicks you for using On Screen Keyboard.

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Well, I can't log in. Earlier it was buggy tabs etc. But this time, I've discovered that even after opening Skylord updater, clicking no detect auto settings. Finally get stupid fullscreen to not instant glitch. Then this happens.



I require Windows On screen keyboard currently, see below. My keyboard is THE laptop original one, it's completely dead. I can't play without On Screen Keyboard currently. (hopefully get new job after covid, right now budget goes to potatoes and food.)



*Here's the bug.

**No logs cause I can't even click settings or log in.


So I get to log in screen, I try to move on screen Keyboard to get to settings to stop this glitchy auto fullscreen. Skylord game then kicks me to desktop, game tab on task bar. I repeat multiple times, click Skylords game tab, On screenkeyboard pops up, I click it to move it out of way, I pop right back out.

Which possibly means I couldn't type password even if I moved it out of the ways anyways.....



Go open Control Panel, Ease of Access, turn On Screen Keyboard on or turn it on as required.

Open Skylords reborn updater, click play, get to Log in Screen

Log in screen pops up, On Screen Keyboard pops up.


You touch or click On Screen Keyboard, Skylords kicks you back out to desktop, with skylords still running on Taskbar.



How do I take vid or pic of fullscreen Skylords if I need On Screen Keyboard to click printscreen etc, but the bug is it kicks me for clicking and using On Screen Keyboard? It's fullscreen too so can't click program icons..... plus it's pretty straightforward bug I think.



I can't log in, how would I have any logs?


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