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Pure Frost Deck PVE

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Hello Skylords,

I want to get full pure frost deck for rpve and things, mostly for fun.

So is there any experienced frost user that can show me a great deck to play?

Thank you, cheers.

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Hey Imayoko,


here an idea for a PURE frost deck.

T4 ist personal taste, you can also use Dreadnought or battleship (slow). I played it similar but with a green orb at T4 to get grimvine, giant wyrm and regrowth



thats only an idea and has to be adjusted for some maps.

but most maps in PVE could be played with this deck

but it is not a cheap one (frost mage, home soil, coldsnap, mountaineer, avatar of frost, stronghold, ironclad, worldbreaker gun, frost shard)....




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