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3- Twilight Transformation does not interact correctly with Disintegration

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  • NAME: Twilight Transformation caused card to be unplayable for the rest of the game.
  • LOCATION: Inside of a game in Defending Hope
  • REPRODUCIBILITY: NONE (might be something specific that triggered it.)
  • DESCRIPTION: In the middle of combat I wanted to Transform my Vileblood into an Abomination, but when i attempted to do it the transformation didn't happen and my abomination card showed a count of "0" and didn't have a cooldown, when i selected it it showed that i could place the card with the target area being green but when i did nothing happened and i didn't lose energy either. So for the rest of the game that card was unplayable and transforming into the abomination didn't work anylonger either.
  • SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Haven't been able to reproduce it so far but the only visable thing about the bug is that the card is grayed out and if you click it looks like you are able to place it but you actually can't
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: When i replayed the level i noticed that one of the buildings disabled spells, maybe if i transform right before my unit gets effected by the area it cancels out and bugs the card but haven't been able to reproduce that, and i believe that building might have already been destroyed when i attempted to transform before the bug occured.
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The bug happened again during the Encounters with Twlilight map,

I transformed right before the Infected Wrathgazer attacked it and it canceled the transformation, locking the card from the game. So my guess is that any effect that cancels the transformation right before (or during the transformation?) will lock the card for the rest of the game (so it's probably not reproducable in the Forge).

But now that i know more i feel like the reproducablility could be set to ALWAYS, i wasn't able to record or take screenshots in time because seconds later i killed the boss on this map and the game ended. 

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