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Disintegration and "draw into in-between" causing (semi-)permanent debuffs.

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NAME: Disintegration and "draw into in-between" causing (semi-)permanent debuffs.
SEVERITY: 2 .5 ish?
LOCATION: Forge, probably in any match
DESCRIPTION: The debuff caused by a Twilight Abomination's roar is permanent in some situations. Under the right circumstances this may apply for all similar debuffs and perhaps even buffs.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: When a Twilight Abomination roars the debuff it applies does not start ticking until the roar is finished. If a Wrathgazer starts disintegrating the Abomination while the debuff is still a "permanent" effect, the effect stays in that state until the Abomination has been fully disintegrated and only then the 15 second timer starts ticking.

Further testing has shown that using the ability Underworld Gate of the Lost Banestone upon the Abomination as it roars will in fact make the debuff on units hit by the roar permanent (until the ability is interrupted, that is. Cleansing effects have not been tested).

This appears similar to the effect of Waystation (R) and Soul Splicer (R). In the case of Soul Splicer (R) the permanent nature of its buff appears to be intended (given the card text and so long as you stay nearby). In the case of the Waystation (R) I assumed it was supposed to be the same as with Soul Splicer (R) even though the card text does not indicate a permanent effect.

Presumably the Church of Negation will produce the same effect.

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