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Hi, I have been having a lot of bugs lately that aren't game breaking(except well, the first one) which I sort of tried to talk to a few moderators about in discord but I seem to be bugging them more then actually getting problems solved. I worked all nightshifts this week and was mostly asleep when normal humans functioned so I didn't really press on it instantly.

bug #1 is a bug that I couldn't cause to happen again since I have no clue what triggered it, but a very very annoying one at that while searching for a PVP match I got matched with someone I know which charted me to text him and start talking already in the loading screen phase when we entered the game I had a completely random deck and not my PVP one, a deck that can't and doesnt exist as well as my decklist appearing empty. My friend surrendered but that feels bad man, losing ELO just because of a random bug. images: https://imgur.com/a/xcE7mDc 

bug #2 is a bug I can replicate multiple times - if I try to upgrade cards half of the time the upgrade consumes the gold without actually supplying me the upgrade or doesn't equip the charge i'm trying to put on. I don't have video evidence but can easily supply one if necessary of me recreating the bug. images: https://imgur.com/a/dGhtvAT 

bug #3 is sort of a sidekick to bug #2, wrong display of gold. whenever I log in lately the amount of gold shown seems to not be the correct amount I have which is sort of annoying when trying to go for upgrades especially when half of the time they don't work. images: https://imgur.com/a/kSBeGqe

bug #4 is just a visual bug that might actually be on my end don't have a screenshot of it but sometimes creatures don't have health bars for a couple of seconds when summoned\first enter my screen - never happened in PVE though and in PVP the momentary screen freeze of screenshotting might lose me the match:( (checked in replays and it doesn't show up)

thanks in advance and sorry for all the trouble.

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