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[Kubik] 2 - Noticeable Slowdowns After Buying 100+ packs

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NAME: Noticeable Slowdowns After Buying 100+ packs
LOCATION: Forge, shop
DESCRIPTION: After buying 100+ booster packs, the time it takes to load a booster pack after pressing open booster pack rises to about 10+ seconds which is easily 5x the normal time. As it stands this issue isn't that bad on its own but it could potentially lead to other issues.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Worth mentioning that I changed screens and came back and it was still doing it. If you can try giving yourself 1000+ boosters and observing the effects, maybe something more severe might happen.

Also: I've noticed that the rate at which I can buy packs also slows down as I get more and more

Edit: I bought so many packs and queued a bunch of clicks to buy more, minimized my game, and now I'm locked here and cant click on anything and nothing lets me leave this screen, the background sometimes moves but then quickly freezes https://imgur.com/a/Uz2SRBO

Had to close my game because it was not responding.

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Have in mind that at no point in Open Beta or Release you'll have over few booster packs, because let's be real - who'd store them and not open them? The booster and card collection you have is quite big to load, that's why it gets slower every time you buy. Minimizing or alt-tabbing the game is known to cause the freezes and unresponsiveness so avoid doing that while in Forge or match.

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