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Found 4 results

  1. InsaneHawk

    Discord - Our new voice server !

    Hello Skylords ! I'm proud today to introduce our new voice server, that will be on Discord ! (and not on teamspeak anymore, as for now). Some of you may ask, what is discord ? Well, here's the 'little' description then Discord is a character from my little poney... uhm wait, that's wasn't what I wanted to say, let me start over. Discord Description Discord is a free voice over IP software that let you, talk, write, with people on a server. It's working as teamspeak or skype, but in a better way. You can join a discord server directly in a browser, but you can also download the free desktop app or phone one, to join your servers. You'll have to create an account to save the servers where you were invited, and all your settings if you wish to. Remember that this software is 100% (even for creating servers) and will always be. Why choosing Discord and not other softwares ? I'll let you check this image, It'll explain you everything needed How to join our discord server ? Well, it's going to be really easy, you can download the discord desktop app here : https://discordapp.com/apps Then once you downloaded it, and installed it, you can click on 'Join a server' and put this URL ? : https://discord.gg/0y3WGMGXhd5q2lXA It should look like this : And that's it ! Enjoy your stay on Discord ! and don't hesitate visit this page to learn more about the software and how it's working -> https://support.discordapp.com/hc For more information, you can check out @Kiwi's guide to Discord over here:
  2. Defqon

    Battleforge Book Lore video

    Hello ppl I was bothering my self with the question for ages on: Are there videos about the actuall Battlforge Lore with the actual ORIGINAL ingame voice? Like, when you completed a single player map, the book openned & there was a voice telling you the story, some low man voice. I've been looking through the forum allready and found some related things but the question never really got answerred. So I would really like to have a way to hear all those stories again from that voice actor.
  3. Dragon270

    Jorne's (Lack of a) Voice Over

    My favorite faction to play as was the Stonekins and to lead them I used to run Jorne in my deck to lead my Grinders and Aggressors (and shamans and windweavers) into battle. I thought his voice actor did a great job in the campaign, but iirc his unit/card lacked any sounds at all. This made me frown the first time I played him in the forge, but I still sued him because he was a great card all around (IMO). Do you think it is possible to use some of the sound clips from the campaign in his card so that the Giant King's full glory will be reached?
  4. Menchrese

    BFR TeamSpeak group [Official]

    Official BFR TeamSpeak . join up! in the client go "Connections" and use this server bfreborn.ts3serv.com:10007 whereas the :bfreborn.ts3serv.com is the ip : and the 10007 is the UDP port. or in the IP version: port 10007get in start chattin up =]

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