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Found 2 results

  1. Kaliber84

    Faction symbols

    I am currently working on a brand new logo for the community channel. For that I want to incorporate symbols of every (playable) faction. While I would've thought that there are existing symbols I can't find any. So in short now I need new symbols for every faction and I am asking everyone in the community for ideas, advice or even sketches. If you have any suggestions please let me know and I will see if I can use them. The symbols should be simple, intuitive and representative of the faction. Ideally anyone would be able to draw a symbol in a couple of seconds. And even without color someone else could recognize the faction it represents. For example a 7-pointed start enclosed in a circle would probably be recognized as and is easy to draw. But a spiral might not be recognized as even though it is a common motive in many nature cards. Thanks for any and all input!
  2. danrot

    Plus symbol in e-mail address

    Hi, it seems that the launcher does not allow plus (+) symbol in the e-mail address field, despite the forums allowing it. Without the symbol my address is not correct, and I therefore get an "account not activated" error... Probably the check for pressed keys / pasted text on that edit field is all that needs to be changed.

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