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Found 11 results

  1. InsaneHawk

    Discord - Our new voice server !

    Hello Skylords ! I'm proud today to introduce our new voice server, that will be on Discord ! (and not on teamspeak anymore, as for now). Some of you may ask, what is discord ? Well, here's the 'little' description then Discord is a character from my little poney... uhm wait, that's wasn't what I wanted to say, let me start over. Discord Description Discord is a free voice over IP software that let you, talk, write, with people on a server. It's working as teamspeak or skype, but in a better way. You can join a discord server directly in a browser, but you can also download the free desktop app or phone one, to join your servers. You'll have to create an account to save the servers where you were invited, and all your settings if you wish to. Remember that this software is 100% (even for creating servers) and will always be. Why choosing Discord and not other softwares ? I'll let you check this image, It'll explain you everything needed How to join our discord server ? Well, it's going to be really easy, you can download the discord desktop app here : https://discordapp.com/apps Then once you downloaded it, and installed it, you can click on 'Join a server' and put this URL ? : https://discord.gg/0y3WGMGXhd5q2lXA It should look like this : And that's it ! Enjoy your stay on Discord ! and don't hesitate visit this page to learn more about the software and how it's working -> https://support.discordapp.com/hc For more information, you can check out @Kiwi's guide to Discord over here:
  2. Kilian Dermoth

    Possibility to disable chats

    So there are some client modifications. Even the resizeable chat windows didnt exist, did they (at least I cant remember them)? There was always something that pretty much annoyed me (even back at ea times) about the chat system in Battleforge. It was that you werent able to disable some chat categories, especially the trading chat. For me the whole trading spam is completely irrelevant but also it is the most active category and sometimes it is even so worse that you almost see nothing else than trading spam. (Already set some of the worst trading spammers on the ignore list) My suggestion is to make it possible to block / unblock chat categories. It would be nice by clicking a button in the client if possible to add something like this to the client. But it would be also ok if it would be done server side, for example by typing something like this:
  3. BlueNeonFR

    connect Can't connect to the server

    Greeting people ! I wanted to tryout Skylords Rebron, however, when i try to connect using my Forum IDs, it takes about 20 seconds trying to connect, then says that my client lost the connection to the server, what should I do ? Thanks for your help ! PS : At the bottom right of the screen, it shows "Server :" which is my local adress + and random port, is that where the problem comes from ?
  4. ValQR

    Lost connection

    Hello. I tried to start a game (solo champing and rg solo)... Loading, and finish. Then the game is write out: The client has lost the connection with the server! Tried 10-15times, but always the same! Any idea, what can I do?
  5. Hello there dear battleforge player and dev's , I think you should create a seconde server where we can connecte when the first server is full , i've read some where in the forum that the limite of slot was 200 ~ player on the server right now(don't remember exactly) , and i think a second server would be good if can't up the number of player on the first server , and with that you will allow more player to play the game and having more report a bout bug and other thing in the game by the player ! By the way i love the fact that you guys try to bring back this games to life , this games was awesome in my chilldhood! ,now i'am about this and i can't wait to play this game again ! i'am sorry if my english is bad ,i'm from france so you know
  6. Dawson

    Garry'smod deathrun server

    Hey all! Maybe you have noticed and maybe you have not, I have not been active at all recently. I have not been active due to me wanting to make and run a garrysmod server message me for more details, right now it is in development but if you are interested in playing on it when it is ready just pm me. It is going to be a deathrun server with pointshop auto BHop script and many more!
  7. Just wondering where the server gona be located. Also if you need a tester in central United States. I'm your man
  8. pinnhead1987


    Hi Guys, time for my first post I loved that game so much and its a shame it got offline long ago... I started with the closed beta of battleforge and was playing it for quite some time, but enough of me and lets start with the topic 1. will there be multiple servers, for example East (for Asia), West (for NA/SA), Central (Europe and so on)? 2. will there be the possibility to host an dedicated or offline server (so it could be played on a LAN) purely for multiplayer? maybe those questions got asked already, if so, i'm sorry oh and I love, that you guys put so much effort in this project if you need testusers from Asia, you can ask me regards, Gerry
  9. Bratzmeister

    No fear of EA?

    As a subscriber to the EFF's newsletter i just read this: https://supporters.eff.org/civicrm/mailing/view?reset=1&id=1251 Since EA is an american company I think this will affect them. I am no legal expert though, can someone confirm this please?
  10. Here's an idea for the server upkeep. Remember how in Battleforge you could purchace battleforge points? Well make it an option here as well.The 1 BFP per day was bs,I don't know what you guys' planns are for BFPs but my idea is making some sort of store that allows players to purchace small bonus stuff and those funds could go for the server's upkeep. Don't think of AAA game's stupid DLC or micro-transactions. In my head this store could have options like : Buy 10 BFPS for ??? ammount of money . ( With a specific line in the store menu that says [All funds from purchases are used for server upkeep] or something) If you can make a system like this,that it's not game-breaking and most players could afford it without getting cards that would push them above everybody else,then it could help keep the server up aside from donations. ( I realise that some people would abuse this system to get a ton of BFPs,you could add a limit + cooldown to purchases )
  11. Spiderwulf

    Keeping the server online?

    Dear battleforge fans and readers, I would like to talk about the "donations only" topic which was annouced. Why would the team of battleforge reborn only take donations to keep the server up? I think if people could buy things ingame like icons (stuff that won't give you benefits ingame) or skins that you would earn a lot more. Then you would make a lot more profit that would go to the server and you would keep the server a lot longer running. Of course battleforge reborn will keep running on the money of the donations at first but they can't keep the servers online forever. (people won't keep donating as much as now probably) So i think if you would sell ingame things that won't benefit people in the gameplay it would help Battleforge Reborn a lot on the financial level. I know they already announced that you can't buy stuff ingame but still I think it's better if they handle the financial side of bfr this way. Let me know what you think! Greetings Spiderwulf

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