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Found 1 result

  1. DyonisX

    Abuse of power

    Today I've made a post about Unison League Said post was about me recommending the game Unison League I'd like to point out that the post itself was entirely in English Quote on quote "These forums are made for a global community. We assume English (UK/US) to be our global language and thereby it is required that every user posts their content within the English language. Additionally, inappropriate or vulgar language (cursing, swearing, etc.) is not permitted. If you desire to make a strong point, try to find words that bring emphasis rather than resorting to swearing. Must you truly use such language, it would be advised to censor the entirety or part of the word with asterisks or other non-alphanumeric symbols so that it is not immediately recognisable. We do not encourage the usage of such language, but we understand it sometimes must be used, so please keep it at a low level. " As listed above my content was in English, I also didn't use any cursing in the post @Dallarian Made a joke about there being a picture with Japanese text in it and that he gave me rep because of it Afterwards I thanked him in Japanese and then he asked me something in Japanese to which I've responded in English Someone with enough rights on the forum to delete comments, presumably Link, deleted the 2 Jap comments without saying anything, leaving a comment about it, or telling anyone If @Shotty hadn't had told me about it I wouldn't have known at this point. As far as I know deleting a comment is against the forum rules as stated below V Posts outside of the English (UK/US) language will result in a request for translation, which, if not obeyed, will result in post deletion and a warning being issued. Inappropriate or vulgar language may result in an edit of the post, and may result in a warning if recurring. Multiple warnings may result in account suspension or restriction of indeterminate length I'd also like to point out the keyword Posts. According to this rule which doesn't mention Comments, Dallarian's as well as my comment was deleted unjustly and against the rules.

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