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Found 2 results

  1. Yima Ymir

    Legendary units (T2)

    Hi guys, have been playing for a while now. I often play PvP sparrings to test new units. I always liked the idea behind legendary units, but I dont think they are viable in PvP right now. Their abalitys dont have enough of an impact for the power costs. 1.Rogan Kayle is ok but could need a little buff. 2.Viridya should be a M counter. Cause she is a S counter right now, but she knocks small units back and then does not even hit them fully. So she does like no dmg. 3.Moons abality costs waaaay to much. While she herself costs too much too. These are the cards, which could be very interesting if buffed right.
  2. Pyrolithic

    The Story Continues

    Im going from memory so the lore might not be exact but it's close enough for the purposes of this topic. I came up with these ideas before Battleforge shut down so it's been a while since I've thought about this stuff The last we saw of our heroes the had lit the soul flame and reopened the gate for lost souls to pass to the next world. However, a massive metal being with fire and steam came out and killed everyone. These beings are the forge masters. humans had traded their afterlife to the forge masters/ builders in order to gain power and a second life as skylords. The fight against the forge masters should be the next part of the main story line. they would be metal or mechanical in appearance and be frost fire combo. each combo has a special ability like revenant for lost souls and amendment skin for stonekin and bandits regain health when they deal damage. for the forge masters i think possibly a (mode change where damage is increased but speed is lowered) or mode change switch between close range medium range and long range attack with lower speed for longer range. Also nature shadow, the only card we have is the Amii phantom. Perhaps this combo would be the amii faction. For the combo special though at a power cost of 50 for the next 15 seconds all attacks by unit inflict poison damage that deals damage over time (stack 4 times) and slow enemy to walk speed for 8 seconds (no stacking), enemy is immune to slow for 30 seconds after it wears off. Rogan Kayle died so, so a neutral 2 orb Skylord Rogan Kayle would be pretty cool, and it wouldn't be too difficult to work into the story line.

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