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Found 6 results

  1. loktarogar

    SKYLORD stuff :)

    OK so this game was and still will be amazing. Im EXCITED to see it grow an have a lot of players the most of all !!
  2. First: I know there are old threads on the matter, but I'd like to have an up-to-date answer if possible. Will multiple players be able to play in the same household together without problems? I am a bit afraid that the ban system might mistake them with multiple accounts by one person. (those are bannable!) My family and I had problems like this on multiple online games before. We plan on playing PvE maps together, trading cards, maybe sometimes play against each other for fun or to test something. One or two of us might also play some PvP against other players. Hoping for a positive answer cause we are big fans of the game.
  3. Iv4Ps


    So suppose they will start the open beta this year, at first there will surely be a lot of players on the server, which is great as we need players to make the game more enjoyable, but gradually the number of players will probably become steady, unchanging. What do you guys think that number will be ? How interested are people in the community ? Maybe let's say 30 players at any time of the day. I want to hear your opinions.
  4. I was thinking about how we could increase awareness of this project and attract new players, and I remembered a site I spent a lot of time on back in my Command & Conquer days before the original Battleforge was released: gamereplays.org This site is mainly dedicated to Command & Conquer and similar RTS. It has a great replay system and has portals for each game that have news, tips, guides, forums, and etc. There were several threads back in 2009 on the GR forums about Battleforge and possibly adding a portal to the site, but all of the negative experiences people had with the game were regarding the fact that it was a pay2win grind-fest (GR consists mostly of competitive RTS players who want a fair playing field). Now that the game is no longer going to be pay2win, and we have the opportunity to minimize/eliminate grinding (I really hope the devs do this, as it would be incredibly healthy for the playerbase), I think that the people at GR would be very interested in Battleforge. The site has over 215,000 registered users and there seems to be around 500 people active at any given time; so getting a portal added to the site (visibility from the home page) would be a massive free advertisement for us. Additionally, it would provide us with a very nice replay + discussion system to use. The replay system is what the site was built on and has features such as likes, searching, sorting, sharing, commenting, reviews, and casting integration (IIRC). I think that when the game is finally officially released, we should start a new thread in their forums and create a petition to show how big our community already is (this is important, because creating a new portal and adding replay support involves a significant of work for them). In the meantime, it certainly wouldn't hurt to mention the project in a new thread on their forums, just to raise awareness of the project. What do you guys think of this? I really want to do everything we can to make sure the game doesn't end up dead again shortly after its release. In any case, I used to be a writer for GR, so when the game is released I will be messaging some admins about the possibility of adding a portal; but it will definitely take the support of the Battleforge community to actually make it happen.
  5. CapnCrunch

    Ranked pvp listings plus some

    Does anyone have the last top 100 ranked BF players list? I know I'm in the top 100 just wanted to see where. Would be greatly appreciated. One more thing I'm curios to know, in its prime how many users did Battleforge have? This was my favourite game and I feel bad for not knowing.
  6. XxAndroidxX


    Obviously it's been a while since we last played battleforge, so we all got a lot older. Many of us started Battleforge as kids (like me: 13 years old in 2009). Personally I would be very interested in how old you guys are. Most games are mostly played by kids, but since BF has been offline for so long, I expect the avarage age to be quite high in comparison to other games.

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