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Found 2 results

  1. Tiger88

    I drew the Harvester 6 years ago

    It's fitting that this be my first post on these forums, since these drawings are how i discovered that this community still existed. I was cleaning out my desk as i am preparing for college and i found these drawings i did in 8th grade, i got really nostalgic and started googling Battleforge things and found out about this amazing project. I did these with a pen and some highlighter in classes, nothing special but i hope you guys enjoy them.
  2. SirUmaga

    How i did my Harverster Fanart

    My Participation for the BFR Beta-Key Contest and the way how i got there I have chosen the harvester for my fanart for its pure awesomeness. Big Giant Souleating Demon!! After that I start Sketching on how i want to position him or how he should look. I am for a more muscular deadly version. Start giving him some Colour and I am happy with how he turned out! Looks like a young teenager Harvester Now about the Legs and surrounding. I made him a bit to skinny around the legs.. So i need to reshape a bit and give him a better legposture and making him a little bit more bulkier overall. As he is a XL creature. I thought of some hands or so coming out of the grounds (undead) getting summoned by the harvester, so i play with that idea on how to achieve that.

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