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Found 6 results

  1. For example, what card did you enjoy using in PvE/PvP simply because of what it could do in-game? Although I never played that much Shadow, I really enjoyed using Knight of Chaos with the "Tainted Chaos" ability. If you ever had to deal with large, clumped up armies, you could just summon this nonsense, waltz him right into the center of said army (carefully avoiding a quick death), and cause everyone around him to get into a mad fist-fight and come out with some free damage dealt.
  2. Eirias

    Your Favorite Replay? [Poll]

    What's your favorite replay? And by favorite, I mean most enjoyable to watch, not necessary the best played game (although if that's what you find enjoyable, then I guess they're the same thing). I also included 2 videos from myself and LagOps that aren't really replays, but they're game-centered and for entertainment . The list I started with is primarily generated from the most watched/liked videos from the youtube channels I manage. It doesn't have to be a replay that I've cast. If it's not listed here, link it and if someone seconds it, I'll add it to the poll (if that's possible). I also added multiple selections, so you can select more than one if there is a tie. Since the links aren't clickable, I'll post them below:
  3. Riviute

    Your favorite boss fight!

    Boss fights are a really important part of video games. You have to figure out how to beat it and most of the time, you will be rewarded. The task is simple, tell me something about your most memorable boss fight in video games, either it was a really hard one, unique in the way you fought the boss or it was a funny fight. Im gonna start this with my entry: Alatreon from Monster Hunter This dragon elder gives you one hell of a fight. Hes swift, powerful and can attack you with a big variety of ailments, like thunder and fire. You have to fight this guy at least once alone. My first try took me around 44 minutes. With some of his attacks, he reduced my life by 85% so i ran out of potions pretty quickly. Hes really unstable and unpredictable, but he really gets annoying when he starts flying, and your chances to hit him are lowered. Always when i fight this guy, i instantly feel the adrenalin and become a bit nervous. But if you can kill him and the hunt is over, you feel so damn happy and lucky like you successfully finished an exam in school. So skylords and skyladies, tell me something about your favorite boss fights Im looking forward to some interesting bosses.
  4. Trihl

    Games Games Games!

    Games Games Games! Art, trailers, montages & gameplay! This threads purpose is to link (art)images, trailers, montages and gameplay videos or anything else regarding your favourite video game(s) and/or games your are currently hyped for. I know there are already a few threads regarding games, but they are not exactly showing off something and are merely discussion only. Info: If you upload an art image of someone else, make sure to provide a link to its source! Image source: https://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=695527 This Dark Souls 3 montage catched my attention lately. Great gameplay and nice music:

    Your favorite Two-Orb Card

    My favorite Two-Orb Card is Harvester because its the only XL sized Two-Orb creature in the game. Also its ability to summon up to 4 Skeleton Warriors (once fully upgraded) with there Unholy Armor enabled makes Harvester almost completely independent. Harvester also has Siege witch makes him deal 50% more damage to buildings.

    movie Favorite Movie

    So i don't believe i have seen this topic anywhere on the forum. Whats everyone's favorite movie? Personally my favorite is the original Star Wars trilogy.

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