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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Skylords what your best score in the game? Who has the best? Score on high settings: Setting : Score on low settings : Settings : Specifications: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700kGraphic: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080 ti StrixMainboard: MSI Z170A Krait Gaming Soundkarte: Creative Sound Blaster ZDIMM : 2x8 DDR4 3200 G.Skill Trident ZMonitor: BenQ XL2720TOS: Win 10 Enterprise
  2. Eirias


    Is anyone interested in competing in some kind of non-battleforge challenges? I was thinking things like math problems, word games, riddles, trivia hunting, or any other categories you guys can think of. They may be something as simple as "find the brand of chocolate based on an ingredient list" or even something like "get the highest home run contest score in Super Smash Bros Melee." I would state the challenge, and you guys would compete. Depending on the challenge, different points will be awarded. For instance, the first person to solve the challenge might get 5 points, and everyone else gets 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 depending on the order they get it after the first person. Or everyone who gets it on the first day gets 5 points, and 4 on the 2nd day, etc. For something with degrees of correctness (like the home run contest), points would be awarded based on who did the best after the deadline has passed. When the game enters open Beta/full release (after I have time to build up some bfp) I'll give rewards based on who has the points points. It will probably be something like 1 bfp per point (so even people with few points have a reason to compete) with some extra card bonuses for the top 3. I might also throw in some small bonuses (like an uncommon card or something) to the 1st place winner of each individual challenge. If at least 10 people post that they would be interested in something like this, I'll do it!
  3. Hello everyone! So i decided to share my original composition "Eye of the Void" with everyone as an entry to the competition, in which i won the 2nd place via the music category. Thanks to everyone for their nice comments on that wonderful Saturday noon, and thanks to the whole team for choosing my music! So... I've started composing not too long ago, i went to music school and my main instrument was the piano. I absolutely love orchestral composition. I'm in love with scores from games such as World of Warcraft (Jason Hayes is a genius ) or Heroes of Might and Magic V..I also loved music from Pixar movies such as Up, Monsters Inc.. They always tend to tear me up by the end! Also scores from "How to Train your Dragon" and "Shrek" deserve honorable mentions! Now that I've established who I look up to... I wanted to share "Eye of the Void" with you guys, and check whats your opinion about it... What is good, what isnt... What can be changed and so on.. I might look into sharing my other compositions as well if you guys like my work! Be free to discuss about any of the scores i mentioned up above, I'd love to talk to someone who swims in the similar musical waters! So, here we go! Eye of Void
  4. Uhthis

    Speed Run Competitions

    So, first post here, and just a quick thought that I had here. A lot of people liked speed running. I think that perhaps having a weekly speed run competition would be good to encourage more activity amongst the community. Just an example here, at the start of the week (Sunday or Monday or so), the map gets announced, then everyone gets either X amounts of attempts for the week, or maybe they get X amount of attempts /day? As reward, they get some BFP or gold or something, and they're listed on a ranking somewhere, where a list is maintained for best speed runs all time for each map, and then of course, the best speed runners for previous few weeks. Small side notes: Would allowing people to buy extra attempts for BFP or Gold be acceptable as an idea? I'm personally conflicted on it. How sizable would the rewards be, and could they include booster packs? Would there be special rewards for breaking all time records? Or should that be implemented after a while so that people have time to establish a good record TO be beat first? Thank you for your time, Skylords! Forge on.

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