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Found 4 results

  1. Today, another useless poll. Two cards from the Skylords card pool where picked RANDOMLY. Through sheer HASARD the two selected cards are Wrathgazer and Lost Horror. Tell me what card you prefer and don't forget to vote in the pool May the best Crab win
  2. AntBitMe

    Interface for Skylords

    Today, I represent the future of the game. So, the way we show UI in the game, there are many ways everyone works even older and newer games do this like StarCraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm, even Dota 1 and 2 ... Change UI means the surface where cards and maps are located ... How to Change the Interface: The only way for now is the Communty. How does it look? Well look at the pictores from Legacy Reforge and StarCraft 2 this is what I mean.
  3. GenetixX

    Battle Forge Point DvD

    Hello Skylords Community, I dont know whether this topic already exists or not and its my first thread in this forum so pls be gentle Back in time, when the grass of Battleforge were still green, I bought 4 Battle Forge Point DvDs because I wanted to buy more Cards for my Collection. Now these DvDs lay beside my Laptop and I cant do anything with them. So I wanted to ask whether it is possible to get the 2000 Bfp in Skylords Reborn. I think many people used this way to get Bfp and it would be sad if this was for nothing. Maybe we (the players) can activate the key when we make a picture of it and send it to you (the supporters, moderators, admins). With this option there will be now way to fake these keys or use it twice. I hope you can understand what i want to say because my english isnt very well
  4. DeadlyChicken47

    ideas Game Currency and Daily log in

    I suggest that every day you log in you get around 10-50 BFP, this would ensure players (such as myself) would get a steady supply of BFP a daily PVE or PVP is ok but the daily log in earning would ensure an UN-biased economy, if high level players who dominate through PVP or PVE claim many high cards and put them at ridiculous values the economy will break and players would lose interest, the daily log in not only allows players to save their BFP but trade them for useful items in the auction house. I only suggest this because you are not offering ways to purchase BFP i completely understand, but in the old game players didnt need a daily log in or match because the cost of BFP regulated the economy now that you have removed that i don't want to see the game fail because of it. I hope that the supporters of the game and the developers take my idea into suggestion.

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