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Found 2 results

  1. So I wrote a guide that I will use for myself when the game launches. I gathered what i got from other guides and wrote a summary of what I understood. I would like to see people's opinion's on it : Things that are highlighted in red (THIS OR THIS) are more important than other points. Tips to follow before the match: Warmup before playing competitively, Make sure you are ready to play, Revise the strategies and think about how your deck matches up against other factions. Make sure you are calm and collected to maximise your performance, ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tips to follow during the match: [Micro, Awareness and Tactics]: All units are doing what is best, Look for the best moment to use a spell and only use it if you really need it, Try to kill units in the most efficient manner and try to trade up in value, Avoid using abilities unless you need them(i.e. frenzy because your units will die after the frenzy); but make sure to use them if there is no drawback, Attempt to either try to get a large advantage early on and finish the game or try to win small skirmishes and stall until tier 3 where you can end the game, Always build the right counter to the attacking force and use t1 to counter t1, t2 for t2 and t3 for t3 unless a card is very useful(like scavenger and frost sorceress), If you gain an advantage(i.e. destroy a well) make sure you deny the opponent an opportunity to do so to you. This can be done by defending after a successful attack, If the armies are even, try to initiate the attack next to your base because your fresh units won't be dazed and your orb attacks units, Build your first unit as fast as you can so you can rush it to the well faster and get the well first. This will give you a slight power advantage, Make sure to utilise cards that support your units even if they aren't a counter to a unit. These can be a unit that can trample(dreadcharger) or knockback(firesworn) other units, Try to play the way your faction is best played, If you can use less common tactics to try to force a mistake from your opponent, Always try to use hotkeys and try to learn all of them, Learn the maps: look up replays and try to see what tricks good players use. Also learn where the best orb and well clusters are, Remember to spread your units so spells are less effective against them, Try to attack multiple locations to strain the opponent, Focus fire units to make sure they die. If you are attacking a squad, then try to leave 1 or 2 units alive so they bind power(unless it's a squad like spirit hunters, they only need one unit to do a lot of damage, so take them out). If a unit is being focus fired then retreat it to a well and wait for it to heal up. TRY NOT TO GET ANGRY DURING THE MATCH, IF YOUR COOL-HEADED YOU CAN MAKE BETTER DECISIONS! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Power]: A well is equal to spawning 1000 power in cards, this is because if you lose a well you lose 100 power and if you lose 1000 power in cards then you lose 100 power also, Only build a well if you think you can defend it for 200 seconds(rough guide), During the game you should wait for a large advantage before you build an orb, or if you doubt you will gain an advantage in that tier then take an orb(only if you can defend it), If you are going to take an orb and a well make sure to take the wells first as they will start giving power back nearly instantly while the orb takes a while to build and during that time you could have gained power. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tips to follow after the match: [Analysing]: Watch a replay of your game and try to spot the mistakes you have done, next game focus on not making those mistakes again, Think about your deck; are the cards you are currently using not working well together? Are you unable to counter specific cards? Do you not have good ... counters? If yes try to revise your deck. Try to practice your micro and look back at all the tips. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you think I should add something to my list then please tell me. There is no point of following a guide if it leads to the wrong path!
  2. Nick

    Tainted Words [Forum Game]

    Rules: This is a game where someone comments a word and the next person has to use that word in an insult. The insult doesn't have to be for the person above. The word has to be used in a sentence or it can just be referenced. Example(Ik its a bad one): "Fish" "Your as dumb as a fish" "My word is XXX" I'll start with... fish

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