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Found 7 results

  1. Motte333

    Forge/Main menu playable?

    Hey Guys, is it somehow possible to "play" in the forge/main menu right now? I'd love just to play there ? Btw, THANK YOU for your hard work! Battleforge was my favourite game ?
  2. Fauchderial

    Friends in forge

    Hi kapparinos ! The forge is great to test some cards right ? But there can be another way to have more fun in the forge. Like having some friends in it ! I think it could be great to have friends to test new strategies and don't lose rank on ranked pvp. Yes there is unranked pvp but if you can test on the forge or "on that kind of special forge map" that where suggested on that topic by MephistoRoss (a nice moderator ) A good idea and a more extended kind of forge where friend can join to train with you. (the map is always too small :X... and MephistoRoss said that too ) Just to be sure to not losing a lot of people here, This topic isn't a copy of forge replacement. This topic is there to add "friends forge" (I don't know what name we can give it *huh* ._.) Anyway that topic can be a good idea to play with friends and develop new strategies to test it on pvp after. Hope you guys enjoy and see you next topic !
  3. GenetixX

    Battle Forge Point DvD

    Hello Skylords Community, I dont know whether this topic already exists or not and its my first thread in this forum so pls be gentle Back in time, when the grass of Battleforge were still green, I bought 4 Battle Forge Point DvDs because I wanted to buy more Cards for my Collection. Now these DvDs lay beside my Laptop and I cant do anything with them. So I wanted to ask whether it is possible to get the 2000 Bfp in Skylords Reborn. I think many people used this way to get Bfp and it would be sad if this was for nothing. Maybe we (the players) can activate the key when we make a picture of it and send it to you (the supporters, moderators, admins). With this option there will be now way to fake these keys or use it twice. I hope you can understand what i want to say because my english isnt very well
  4. Phoenix313

    3 and 4 orb fractions

    It is just an spontaneous idea developed while writing in the shoutbox. There was the idea to add water, air and light. While frost is a combination of water and air, the elfs for example represent the air part, there is no need for it also it would be a little bit odd when they became primary elements and the combined frost element would be also primary. Also I think the light part (as counterpart to shadow) is very well represented by the nature element, especially because there are many things like surge of light and so. Further I think, that primary elements could only be implemented with heavy modifications of the client and that this isnt really reasonable. But I think that it would be possible to add combinations of elements. For example the two missing 2 element combinations, namely Fire/Frost and Nature/Shadow. The idea is that it would be also possible to do combinations of 3 or 4 orb colors. My idea was: Holy (Nature, Frost and Fire): Shadow wouldnt work because it represents the complete opposite of holy things and nature represents the light part (close to holy), but even nature isnt immaculate. I think Fire and Frost are somehow neutral because they are good and bad. So to get holy you have to extract the good energy of any of the good or neutral elements, thats why you need all 3 orbs. The units could be angels (similar to the elfs of frost), the spells could be any light spells like surge of light and they could have structures that look similar to the thunder wagon. Abyssal (Shadow, Fire and Frost): Its the complete opposite of holy, so nature wouldnt work here and shadow is the element that represents this the best. Shadow isnt completely directed to destroying any live beings (even yourself) but is more dedicated to destroy anyone else to benefit out of their destruction. Also Frost and Fire arent completely good nor evil so they have also some bad energy and thats why you need to extract it from any of the 3 orbs to get this element. There could be even more detrimental effects than shadow already has and the units could be daemons. Eternal / Divine (Nature, Frost, Fire and Shadow): Whether the eternity is good or evil nor divine beings like gods have to be. But the divinity means anything. Also gods are usually observed as omnipotent, so you have to combine all elements again to one element to get the source of all elemental power, from where everything was created and maybe where everything will go. One of this units of this element could be a (Battle)Forge which you can summon, like the mothership in starcraft 2. It could be a T5 (as the only one) unit with a spare orb of choice (that maybe even affect the abilities of the forge, 2 nature orbs => healing ability, 2 shadow orbs => resurrection of corps, 2 fire orbs => siege, 2 frost orbs => extra defense or something like that). Other units could for example be other gods like Zeus. To the devs I am aware that the chances are very high, that it wont be implemented, it was just a spontaneous idea and I like just the imagination how it could be ;).
  5. Rakkhot


    Ok, I have this idea, since we got permission from EA. This project would be something for future plans, but I thought I would throw the idea in the room to see where we get and if it is even possible. Is it possible to change the forge? I mean right now the forge is already a wonderful interactive tool to test out strategies and to put unit against unit to see who would win a fight. But would it be possible to add more, so that you could spawn more than just a few enemy units. Another idea was that you could build walls yourself in the forge so you could simulate attacks on fortifications etc. Gonna be looking forward to feedback, see you on the
  6. What was your favourite part of Battleforge, and why? Also, if you have one, what was the thing you didn't like quite so much, or even hated about Battleforge? Anything from the maps, card system, trading system, uniqueness of it all, etc. The most amazing, and possibly my favourite part of Battleforge was the uniqueness of it. I had searched for hours trying desperately to find a game similar to Battleforge after it was shut down, but had no luck. But, another thing was probably the forge! Possibly half of my game time was just mucking around in the Forge, whether waiting for people to join my match or not, when I was bored, anything. I just loved setting up battles between 'factions', like Ice and Fire, with small units being the main army, and one large unit being the overlord or something. Just those little things made it something spectacular. Anyways, that's enough about my experiences and likes, and little to no dislikes from me, how about you guys?
  7. shadowxxs77

    Shared forge

    I always loved rhe idea of having a shared forge, where you could just spamm troops and have fun. You can invite them in a forge by just right clicking their name and press "invite to forge". It would be awesome if this was possible but I can see how Bfreborn wants to stick to the normal BF as much as possible

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