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Found 4 results

  1. Kaliber84

    Faction symbols

    I am currently working on a brand new logo for the community channel. For that I want to incorporate symbols of every (playable) faction. While I would've thought that there are existing symbols I can't find any. So in short now I need new symbols for every faction and I am asking everyone in the community for ideas, advice or even sketches. If you have any suggestions please let me know and I will see if I can use them. The symbols should be simple, intuitive and representative of the faction. Ideally anyone would be able to draw a symbol in a couple of seconds. And even without color someone else could recognize the faction it represents. For example a 7-pointed start enclosed in a circle would probably be recognized as and is easy to draw. But a spiral might not be recognized as even though it is a common motive in many nature cards. Thanks for any and all input!
  2. Hello, when I played the game in it's original form I was fairly young and pretty much got stuck playing whatever cards I had and I mostly just went by cards that could walk in a straight line and steam roll whatever got in the way, to say the least, I was not very good at tactics. But as I look forward to getting back into the game I've been checking the cards over at the wikia and I try to find a faction to focus on, one I can really feel into, and not just focusing on me I'd like to know what everyone thinks about each faction. Is Fire just a High damage burst deck or will zerg rushing get you smashed? Is Frost really good at only defending or can it be played really offensively? Is Shadow all about controlling everything and where everything is? Is Nature all about Crowd Control? And what of the other five? Please, do share what you would say each faction is like and how you think they should be played in the best way, maybe help someone to figure out why their favorite deck doesn't suit their play style?
  3. Molanater

    More than 4 element families

    SO I was thinking. Maybe you guys could come up with more than just 4 factions and blends of them as it does feel like magic the gathering. And like make them have specific type of builds. Like what I'm hinting here is for asymmetric balance have someone who has the chance to have a build that can work well with his allies counter his foe and have holes in his build that people with the right cards can counter it for that feel of each game is always different. It seems to have that feel of each element has its oos and ahhs but, what if we could turn up the creative bar a bit more. Make more game modes than just the few that we had in the last battleforge. Have a ranking system to fight against your own tier based on how you preform in games. (--brainstorm alert--)Like what if you guys made a faction with like more of a ghost group where they focus sully on debuffs and utility. I'm shooting in the dark here but hey there are so many things you guys can do. I remember playing it. I loved the training room. Beautiful idea guys. the problem was is that I liked that kinda more than the core gameplay and pVp. As it felt pay to win-ish. Now that's fine. If I didn't have to go against the people with better stuff like I'd love to fight more than just the twilight... you see a ranking system would be really nice. Plus hey if you make a lot of the battles more fast paced. Buff up the particles make them pop. screen flashes at certain explosions or energy rays. rattles in the player camera to make the player feel like he's there. This isn't 1980s and more we don't do the pixels and boops and beeps. No we make these things come to life. Make it Cinematic I see so much potential. You guys are working on the skeleton of the human body all you need now are the muscles and the ligaments and everything that makes this game stand out for what it is. Keep up the good work. Make more cards,(Best idea to make it part card game btw.) Make more objectives in the multiplayer aspect of the game. I got tired of starving my victims from points to summon or cast spells. Bigger teams would be nice too more armies, bigger maps, more micro. Just all of these things could potentially make this game perfect. Ever watch a horror movie where it tries to scare you at the start. Well that's what I'm getting at. Make your players feel like holly shit this is a damn good game. Out of anything do what your English teachers always said in school. Never start a essay or story with the word "the". Make a hook. I'm just another fan of your product all you have to do is please me. I'm sure a lot of other people here would too. #MakeBattleforgeGreat
  4. Eirias

    Chess and Battleforge

    Anyone out there play chess? I quite enjoy it. As I was making my pvp guide, it occurred to me just how similar Battleforge is to chess. Chess can even be played in many different styles, just like Battleforge's factions.This got me thinking: which famous chess player do you think would represent each Battleforge faction? Garry Kasparov would have to be Twilight, with his style of being as aggressive as possible while still maintaining some defensive resources. Bobby Fischer is Pure Frost, with his predictable, yet unbeatable play style (you knew exactly what was coming because he only did one thing, and you still couldn't stop it). Mikhail Tal is probably a Pure Shadow player (or maybe bandits?) because of his crazy aggression and long strings of combinations. Paul Morphy is probably a Pure Fire player, with his untamed aggression. Anatoly Karpov is definitely a Stonekin player, with his patient positional strangulation. Jose Capablanca was probably Pure Nature--he played simply and got into an endgame, which he then won by technique (bit of stretch for capablanca=pure nature, I know) Magnus Carlsen would be Lost Souls, with his style of playing solid, aggressive, and pulling a win out of nothing (you lost souls lamers know exactly what I'm talking about:)) Emmanuel Lasker was probably Bandits, with his way of slightly unsound moves that "played the player, rather than the position." Hikaru Nakamura is probably Fire Frost for his offbeat style. Alexander Alekhine is Shadow Nature because of his dedication to the game (that's all I've got for shad nat) What do you guys think? Can you name any others?

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